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"Eat, eat and nothing." Poli Teka

Elena Kravets shared details of her business, partner and great appetite

Actress "Kvartala 95" and "Women's Quarter" Elena Kravets spoke openly about the show "Dance with Zirks", which has participated for several weeks . [19659003] The celebrity shared stories of complex movements with partner Maxim Leonov. In the third edition of the project, the jury particularly criticized the couple. Then Elena decided "not to jump over her head" and perform the dances and movements that she is capable of.

She said this in an interview with colleagues on Quarter 95, a video released the other day.

Elena told what her partner taught her and answered very warmly about him.

"I was lucky with him (with Maxim Leonov – ed.). Well, first and foremost, he teaches me a lot as a partner in dance: to hold your back, support, lean, trust, trust – it's about technology in dance, but if you think about it, it has the most direct relationship to life, "Kravets

According to the artist, women are independent, as this is a feature of modernity, and the partner teaches her to deviate from it.

"When I understand that half, or even most of the responsibility, you can just keep up the pace … it's such magical actual states and experiences from which I got out of the habit. I don't even know if I've ever gotten used to it, "said the artist.

At the same time, the star notes that independence does not interfere with her life, but impedes her dance development. is "in their places." Although the woman is lighter, the man creates the foundation for her and this fact causes internal changes in both.

The claim also asks her partner not to praise her often, which she is not used to.

"It seems to me that none of the partners and none of the parties praise their departments in this way," summed up the star about Maxim.

And then Elena shared that she didn't get fat thanks to exhausting workouts and "eat after three."

"Eat, eat and nothing, just dance, you get high, you naturally get tired, and your heart" plays " , and still lose weight, but how? "asked the artist.

Recently, the exotic beauty of Adelina Delhi, who flew out of the "Dance with Zirks" project with singer Serega, showed her slender figure in a hot dance. The girl danced on a pylon in black socks, a bra and high-heeled shoes. Partly her breasts, hips and especially her buttocks were visible.

Remember that the hot beauty from Quarter 95 lit her breasts without a bra.

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