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Deep diamonds prove that there is an ancient magma

A thorough inspection of diamonds found at great depth confirmed the long-standing suspicions of geologists: somewhere on the inner side of our planet is a huge reservoir of primary magma hidden from the outside world over 4 billion years.

The location, size and composition of the magma container is still being discussed. However, thanks to diamonds, geologists are convinced that they attacked the light of one of the oldest magma collections, which also remained virtually untouched for several billion years.

"Diamonds are the most difficult science known to natural materials. Therefore, it is a type of ideal time capsule, thanks to which we can look at the earth's past," explains geochemist Suset Timmerman of the Australian National University.

Precious stones thrown at the surface of strong volcanic eruptions differs from colleagues formed at a shallower depth, in fact this is one of the few ways to study the mantle on our planet, literally sandwiched between the crust of the earth and the red hot core, it is extremely huge and invisible to instrument, and therefore it is almost impossible to explore it. Today it is believed that the mantle has a predominantly solid structure, but somewhere in it there may be an isolated "mineral soup" that was not raised outside during the early tectonic processes, resulting in that the earth was formed.

The very idea of ​​using diamonds in as "time capsules" appeared in the 1

980s. that volcanic lava has an unusually high ratio of helium-3 isotope to another isotope, helium-4. Among all the materials on earth, a similar relationship was noticed except in very old meteorites that fell to the earth long ago. This led scientists to suggest that the source of this lava was some isolated space deep in the planet that has not changed much since its formation.

New studies have shown that such an old helium signature is transmitted to the Earth's surface only by the hottest emissions. But to date, there has been no direct evidence for the existence of this hypothetical magma pool – and only a recent study of 24 deep diamonds confirmed that geologists were right. Why? It is very simple: inside the diamonds there are small inclusions of gaseous helium – probably since the earth collided with the moon or another unknown space object, which also has many hypotheses. Therefore, knowing the depth of diamond formation (this is 410-660 km below sea level), researchers can try to determine the location of underground magma stores. What secrets can they hide? Time will come.

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