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Concerns related to Sony PlayStation 5 were in vain

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<p>  What happened at Sony in recent months has been exciting for analysts and players awaiting the launch of Play Station 5. The reason for this was The dismissal, of which rumors of serious problems were reported. Production manager PS Jim Ryan assured everyone ̵<div class=
1; this is a targeted restructuring of the company. President revealed many aspects, of the most interesting ones affected by developers: it is much easier to work on creating games for version 5. In addition, given the success of PlayStation 4, it is necessary to create a possible environment for players to go smoothly to the next version of the console, communities built on regional principles.

b The trouble was the further coordination of new ideas and projects at three meetings. So restructuring is a necessary preparation for large-scale globalization, where corporate management is headquartered. That is, a meeting is enough to make decisions.

It should be added that the staff of regional units is not completely dissolved. Some laws in different countries, as well as user preferences, dictate certain restrictions. These offices will make decisions about marketing projects to a greater or lesser extent.

No less interesting facts

  Photo prototype of Play Station 5

Advertising campaigns are simplified. For example, Jim Ryan mentioned the marketing of the game Spider Man, which was released just over a year ago. She became very popular thanks to a single advertising company around the world.

Changed and domestic politics. In particular, the manufacturer will actively collaborate with entrepreneurs in the retail segment. The main emphasis on further promoting PlayStation 5 will fall on the Eastern European market, which is recognized as the most evolving.

Skeptics should also insure themselves. The transition to digital distribution of games instead of the usual optical discs six years ago, some predicted a collapse. However, the success was evident – its multi-million dollar gaming environment began to generate even greater profits. The following reasons for the success of the company are expected from cloud streaming and paid subscriptions.

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