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Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei: "We can survive without problems without the United States, they can keep us on this list forever"

Just recently, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that soon US companies will be allowed to do business with Huawei, which inevitably found itself embroiled in a US-China trade war, which began a year ago . For the sake of clarity, we are talking about special permits under a temporary license. By the way, this month (November 19), the …

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A Year of Rain Co-op Strategy Launches Steam Early Access

Daedalic Entertainment & # 39; s development team announced the launch of its ambitious team strategy A Year Of Rain for PC in early access to Steam. According to the creators, the project combines classic strategic elements such as a branched base structure with deep storytelling, full-scale plot clips and voice acting, as well as a strong emphasis on heroes …

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NVIDIA in the new Jetson Xavier NX

NVIDIA COMPRISES FOR PUBLISHED PUBLISHED PUBLIC SIZES FOR IoT AND PUBLISHED PICTURES: Новинка выполнена в прежнем 260 контактном форм-факторе, в виде компактной платы с процессором и оперативной памятью, разъём полностью совместим, что позволяет использовать «системные платы» от предыдущей модели. Производительность Jetson Xavier NX поднята на новый уровень: если Jetson Nano 4 model arm for ARM A57 and 128 for Maxwell, …

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Seagate releases 18 and 20 TB hard drives next year and a 50 TB sample by 2026

We already reported that Seagate in its quarterly report changed the revenue structure so that the business looks a little more profitable. But this is not the most interesting thing – the company's plans to increase the volume of magnetic devices, which are still much more profitable in terms of gigabyte costs compared to solid-state devices, are far more interesting. …

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IGI Origins spy thriller got a trailer and page on Steam – Gambling

In March 2019, the Swedish studio Toadman Interactive announced a prequel to tactical shooters Project I.G.I. and " I.G.I-2: Hidden Impact ." And now the developers decided to show what they do and released the first trailer. Most of the trailer is dedicated to the mission, which takes place in 1980 in Gdansk. The main character of the game will …

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