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American astronomers first measured the velocity of galactic wind

Astrophysicists from the University of California at San Diego could observe the galactic wind for the first time – a massive gas flow that spanned hundreds of thousands of light years. The galaxy, which noticed this phenomenon, is designated SDSS J211824.06 + 001729.4. Researchers called it unofficially "Makani", which is translated from the Hawaiian language meaning "wind". In fact, this …

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Стример прошел The Outer Worlds без единого убийства | Games

Стример The Weirdist прошел The Outer Worlds on a mash-up, not a story, or a story. This site is not available for YouTube channels. Пацифистское прохождение иногда требовало Небольшого вмешательства со стороны игрока: Ранее спидраннер It's Jabo прошел RPG from Obsidian for March 31. Without a license, you must have a license to pay and you will not receive a …

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Ninja talks about FaZe Clan's lifelong swim at Fortnite | Fortnite

American Streamer Tyler Ninja Blevins commented on the lifelong ban on players FaZe Clan by Fortnite Jarvis Jarvis Kaye. In his opinion, Epic Games punished the sportsman severely. In one of his broadcasts, Blevins stated that Kaye must be offered to reconcile with fines or community service. Tyler Ninja Blevins: "There must be some alternative punishment besides the ban. Community …

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Polygon is not required, but in Need for Speed ​​Heat not available – Игромания

На выходных автор Polygon Оуэн Гуд выпустил небольшую заметку, гае фактически раскритиковал решение EA не доба Журналист считает, что это было сделано в первую очередь из-за неуверенности издателя в своём продукте и в серии в целом, которая может последовать по стопам почившей Medal of Honor (хотя по вселенной «Медали» в This is a free VR VR screen. При этом автор …

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OnePlus 8 prototype spy shots leaked online

Network sources published a series of "live" photos, allegedly capturing the smartphone prototype for the future OnePlus 8 family. It should be noted immediately that the quality of the images leaves much to be desired. In addition, there is no complete assurance that the OnePlus 8 series unit will be shown in the pictures, and no other test sample. The …

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Smoothing and water quality – what settings greatly reduce FPS in Red Dead Redemption 2? | game

For the Red Dead Redemption 2 version on the PC, a setting table was created where they showed their impact on the game's performance. The most expensive parameters for FPS were equalization of MSAA, water quality and reflections. The chart was published by the Game Debate portal. According to the site, the settings responsible for the volume of objects also …

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