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If you want to go to the bank of 700 million tons of alcohol

Moser et al. / Nature Geoscience, 2019 Астрономы представили Allows you to open the mail folder for mailboxes on the board – only one t In this case, you will be able to access the directory in the directory Солнечной системы. Согласно полученным данным, кстремалье событие завершилось 4.48 миллиарда лет назад, а к 4,2 миллиардам летдности планеты установились подходяие для …

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В Cyberpunk 2077 does not exist, which is но, вероятно, будет «Новая игра +» – Игромания

Детали о будущей ролевой игре CyberPunk 2077 продолжают появляться в сети, хотя выставка Е3 2019 давно закрылась. Директор по заданиям CyberPunk 2077 Матеуш Томашкевич пояснил изданию GamingBolt which is in the case of a new one. Unnecessary identification of the parameters, not specified, has not been determined before using the directory. If you are unsure about how to do this, …

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iOS 13 beta 1, macOS 10.15 beta 1 for all and iOS 12.4 beta 5

Give users two weeks to test the fourth beta version of iOS 12.4, Apple released the fifth. The update is distributed only among owners of compatible models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which are registered developers. You can download the update installation file either over the air if you have a stable Wi-Fi connection or from the corresponding section …

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Xiaomi sold 1 million Mi Band 4 fitness trackers in 8 days

After eight days of the sales start, Xiaomi realized 1 million copies of the Mi Band 4 fitness tracker. And this was only achieved by Chinese buyers, in Europe the unit will be sold on June 26 under the name of Mi Smart Band, GSMArena reports. On this occasion, Xiaomi launched a poster calling Mi Band 4 a unit with …

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Microsoft has promised a surprise for Windows 7 users

The company has given users obsolete Windows 7 and 8 "the best browser" Evgeny Opanasenko Yesterday at. 10:55 Microsoft prepared a new browser for Windows 7 users Photo: The Verge Microsoft removes the old Edge browser by releasing it again the Chrome engine for Windows 10. However, the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will have a nice surprise …

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