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Game Director God of War said that games should be more expensive Game

SIE Santa Monica Studio creative director Cory Barlog said games should be more expensive. In his view, this will allow the industry to get rid of microtransactions. Barlog tweeted about this. Corey Barlog: “Games should go up. I prefer an increase in the original price, rather than forever raising money through the nightmares of microtransactions that some games have turned …

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Dota 2 is seven years old | Dota 2

On July 9, Dota 2 celebrates its seventh birthday – the game was released in 2013. The developers did not comment on this event. Dota 2 is a continuation of DotA, a custom map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Valve started creating the game in 2009, when she hired IceFrog as the main developer. The company first showed its …

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At least 10% of LGBTK + heroes per game – BAFTA will check nominated titles for representativeness | Game

The British Academy of Motion Picture and Television Arts begins testing the games nominated for the BAFTA Games Awards for their representativeness. This was announced by the organizers of the award on the official website. By 2021, as a test, representativeness criteria will apply to titles in the Best British Games category. Nominees will need to achieve the desired performance …

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Ninth Planet – Astronomers argue against the existence of a mysterious planet

Anne-Marie Madigan and Alexander Zderick continued to develop the hypothesis that hypothetical planet X does not exist. Anomalies in the trajectories of trans-Neptune objects, which may indicate its existence, can be explained by their own seriousness, reports Naked science. For the first time, scientists made this hypothesis in 2018. They examined the movement of Sedna, one of the most famous …

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Mobile-review.com Galaxy Fold.

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Digital Foundry: Many games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will hold the standard of 30 FPS | Game

Digital Foundry Specialist Richard Leadbetter said that most of the history games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will run at 30 FPS. The journalist explained this with the fact that developers in the next generation of consoles will focus on image quality and not on the number of frames. Leadbetter believes that gaming studios will still produce games …

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