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Mazda Sollers launches engine shipments to Japan

Mazda Soller's joint venture started mass production of Mazda SkyActiv-G engines at a Vladivostok plant. All Russian manufacturers will be sent for export to Japan to Mazda's car company, said Mazda Sollers press service. The Vladivostok engine plant is thus fully integrated into the Mazda Motor Corps global chain. and will be developed as one of the international production facilities …

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The Lada Largus FL

LADA Largus INNOVATIVE INNOVATIVE HOTEL IN течение ближайших 2-3 лет. Об этом в интервью газете «Ведомости» заявил президент АвтоВАЗа Ив Каракатзанис, отметив, что машина будет унифицирована с новой Х-стилистикой, но по стоимости останется в той же ниже. К слову, пилотные экземпляры LADA Largus FL, предназначенные для участия In this case, the number will be the same as the number of …

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Bentley presented the luxury rival Rolls-Royce / News / Finance.ua

The luxury car maker officially revealed the details of a brand new Bentley Flying Spur. The third generation then moved to a new platform and got some innovations in technical equipment. Bentley hopes to establish himself as a leader in the ultra-luxury market while waiting for the new Rolls-Royce Ghost next year and says it has created a car that …

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Bittrex closes US users access to an additional 42 cryptographic assets.

Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange continues to limit US users' capabilities, this time being denied access to 42 digital assets. Update: Marketing changes are changed for U.S. customers. Read more: https://t.co/Z1yNCPXjNG[19659003₽-BittrexUS(@BittrexUS) 15 mask 2019 The table below shows the tokens that are not available on Bittrex on June 28: [19659003] Anyway all listed assets will remain on the international website Bittrex International, …

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Bitcoin Network Hashrate updated historically maximum

According to the blockchain.com analysis service, the cumulative computing capability of the Bitcoin network exceeded the historical peak and amounted to 62,246,627 TH / s. The previous maximum for this indicator was reached in August last year at 61,866,256 TH / p. According to Alex Kruger, an economist and crypt analyst, however, ice hat data can differ significantly from different …

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Survey: every fifth citizen of Turkey owns crypto competition

According to a survey conducted by Statista, every fifth citizen of Turkey or currently uses a cryptocurrency. Please note that Turkey has significant currency restrictions, galloping of inflation and thus a high interest rate which increases the cost of borrowed funds Decomposing business. Data: Business Economics Among other negative macroeconomic factors, significant unemployment, falling GDP and a negative trade balance …

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