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all details of the artist's condition

The 46-year-old artist barely ended the performance. According to spokesman Andrei Danilko, he had a heart block, Clutch writes.

Then, on November 4, the shooting of the New Year's exhibition "Hello, 20!", Which the Ukraine Channel broadcasts on the night of December 31, was broadcast. An hour before the scene continued, Andrei Danilko fell ill.

The artist entered the stage pale and barely talked. After each issue he returned to the dressing room and changed clothes, for Danilko's suit was completely exhausted completely wet. After Danilko part c was removed, the star closed in the dressing room and did not leave for several hours.

The representative of Andrei Danilko said that the artist received a heart block – a pathological process characterized by a change in muscle tissues responsible for conducting electrical impulses. From this, the heart rate is greatly reduced. In order to normalize Danilko's condition, he was injected completely with drugs, after which the celebrity got a little better.

Coupling reporters present at the shooting of the New Year's Exhibition noticed that Danilko arrived on set already pale. The artist was surrounded by security and constantly moving.

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