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Abolition of the Kiev Patriarchate – an employee of the Patriarch The filet called the condition – Ukraine news

Oct 21 10:06

Vitaliy Ryaboshapka

One legal entity cannot liquidate another legal entity, the head of the Kiev Patriarchate recalled

  Head of UOC-KP:

Head of UOC-KP: "We did not know the contents of tomos. We thought it would be full autocephaly, as in other churches. " Photo: from the UOC-KP archive

Although they have a single council for Ukrainian churches and created an independent Orthodox church in Ukraine, led by Metropolitan Epiphanius, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kiev has patriarchate, led by the Patriarch of Kiev and all Rus-Ukraine The filet, also the right to exist, because has not been legally liquidated

About this head of the Kiev Patriarchate, said Bishop Andrei Vasilkovsky in an interview with the website Today

"Despite the UOC-KP local council held on June 20, 201

9, which meant continuing our church's activities on July 27, 2019, the liquidation commission on behalf of the Kiev Patriarchate was illegally established at the Holy Synod of PTsU," says priest.

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"Thus, after imagining representatives of the UOC-KP, on July 29, the so-called" liquidator ", submitted documents to the Ministry of Culture for the liquidation of the Kiev Patriarchate, which resulted in an entry in the State Register that The UOC-KP Patriarchate is in a state of dismissal, "he explained.

" I want to emphasize that one legal entity cannot liquidate another legal entity. The legal liquidation of our church could only be possible if the liquidation commission, led by our patriarch, was established at the UOC-KP municipal council. But this was not, "- Bishop Vasilkovsky summarized.

Earlier, the news" Today "wrote that Filaret said: " There was no question that I refused to be a patriarch "

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