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Vegan Brand Perennial Debuts Milk Free Drinking For "Healthy Aging"

Founded by Beyond Meats co-founder, Brent Taylor. (Photo: Perennial)

Vegan's brand, Perennial, has debuted a milk-free beverage designed specifically for those over the age of 50 to promote healthy aging.

Perennial describes its product as "nutrient", since it contains omega-3s, B1

2, choline, vitamin E, folate, calcium, vitamin D, prebiotic fiber and complete plant protein.

The company also claims that its herbal drink is good for brain, bone, digestive and muscle health and is adapted for the older generation who often "lacks in certain nutrients".

"A modern and sustainable approach"

Perennial's website reads: "We are sons and daughters of 50+ adults, and we wanted to continue to see them thrive. Frustrated by the lack of innovation for this forgotten demographic, we to create a world we "We are excited to age.

"We believe that age does not define you and that there are unlimited possibilities over 50+. By using a more modern and sustainable approach, we have taken years for you. And we continue to invent every day, using our in-depth understanding of plants to drive a healthy, active, thriving age of 50 years. "" We took what we thought of milk milk (taste, protein, calcium and vitamins) but reduced sugar, added healthy fats and removed cholesterol. "

Perennial has already estimated $ 2.5 million, including an investment from the Collaborative Fund.

"Better than dairy"

Multi-year board member and partnership fund partner, Lauren Loktev, told BevNET: "We think there is a real opportunity not only to create an imitation of a dairy product, but something that might be just as good or better than dairy, and the ability to create something from a health perspective that is superior by using plants.

"We really loved because I think the next wave of animal protein alternatives will need companies that have good health and nutritional profiles and can handle the needs that are hard to meet with existing products that are out there. "

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