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The long-term police officer holds his hand after his wife died

Ask any police about their job, and they will tell you that it's all about more than capturing criminals.

Modern officers must also be caring and caring – features that are perfectly encapsulated in beautiful pictures published on Twitter

They show how two officers comforted and helped an elderly man after his wife died.

The police's comfort man only by holding his hand (Image: Ladywood WMP)

In an emotional image, a female police watches the man in his hand watching television.

The Ladywood police in Birmingham said the man needed their help after his late wife's family collected their belongings and left the home empty.

The power said, "WPC Rogers and PC Greaves have bought significant things for the older gentleman.

" He recently lost his wife and her family has gone and taken her items and left him with an empty home. "

Officers friendly heart approached was famous by people on Twitter (Image: Ladywood WMP)

They added: "PC Greaves and WPC Rogers delivered and put things up for the older gentleman – make sure it was a tedious moment and he was very grateful for the kindness.

& # 39; He broke down cry in WPC Roger's arms. He was a little overwhelmed, but he deserved it. "

But they did not stay there – the officers made him some tea and toast and after installing his new TV, he showed how to use it.

The items had been acquired by the charity organization Trident Reach.

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