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Gigantic gingerbread house is shown overnight in Cardiff center

A large gingerbread house has appeared overnight in the heart of Cardiff.

The content of smoky smoke from the chimney, decorations of glaze, sweets and sweets, the gingerbread house has been established outside the Cardiff Central Library. [19659002] Special prize sets and a festive entertainment program take place every Thursday to Sunday between 13:00 and 14:00, from Saturday 1 December.

It's part of a drive to encourage more visitors to the city during the Christmas season.

And it's not just about getting more people into the city center, visitors will be asked to make a donation to reduce homelessness in Cardiff by giving DIFFERENT.

  The house is decorated with candies and crushing swirls.
The house is decorated with candies and icecrumbs

Interactive donation points have been installed on the house window d by the people behind "Ball in the Wall ", Wild Creations.

Members of the public can simply tap their phone in the window or scan a QR code to make an online donation to the fund launched earlier this year. [Image: Wearecowshed]

Adrian Field, CEO of FOR Cardiff, who has worked on the #GingerbreadMun Campaign with Visit Cardiff, said: "Our mission at FOR Cardiff is to make Cardiff a welcoming and vibrant place for everyone and Christmas is truly the busiest time of year for the city center. "

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He added: "We want people to visit #GingerbreadMun House to celebrate the festive atmosphere and support high street this Christmas, including independent traders.

" It's also important to remember that It is the hardest time of the year for the homeless who sleep in the capital. Therefore, we have added the contact-free donation points to the windows. We really hope visitors love it as much as we do.

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