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UFO discovered to analyze Earth’s auroras “Aliens took samples” – shock claim | Strange | News

A bizarre conspiracy theory has emerged after a UFO hunter probably discovered an alien spaceship in an aurora. Auroras include northern lights – aurora borealis – and southern lights – aurora australis. When the magnetosphere is bombarded by solar winds, fantastic blue lights can appear as the layer of atmosphere dissipates the particles. Now, a foreign enthusiast believes that an …

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The launch of the James Webb telescope in 2021 is really delayed

At this time next year, NASA expected to have a new orbital observatory, one that would make the Hubble Space Telescope look like a toy child. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for the next generation of amazing space photographs. The launch pad for space telescope James Webb has officially been pushed back again, this time as …

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Climate change will create bigger and more extreme waves, researchers warn

Climate change will create stronger storm winds that trigger larger and more frequent extreme waves in the next 80 years if greenhouse gas emissions are not slowed, researchers warn Researchers used computer models to predict the frequency of extreme waves The team found that these events could happen 10 percent more around the world They also warn that 100-year storms …

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