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The Inuit population of Canada's arctic has unique genome adapted for extreme colds, study discovery

Inuit living in the Canadian Arctic is genetically distinct from any known group, according to new research. Living in geographical isolation for thousands of years has meant that Nunavik Inuit – a shallower population of Canadian Arctic indigenous people – has developed a distinct genome that is adapted to live in extreme cold on a fatty diet. The closest relatives …

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Genetic mutation made people sensitive to heart attacks – study | Society

The loss of a single gene 2 to 3 million years ago in our ancestry can help explain why humans are the only animals in which heart attacks are common. Atherosclerosis – obstruction of arteries with fat deposits – can lead to heart attack and heart disease, causing about one-third of all deaths worldwide. An inactive lifestyle, age, diabetes, obesity, …

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Morrab Surgery in Penzance is placed in special measures by CQC inspectors

A GP exercise may risk closing if it does not improve its services. Carnation surgery in Penzance has been initiated by the Care Quality Commission and put into special action after a deterioration in the quality of its services. England's General Practitioner Inspector said that Morrab Road's operation was last ranked as outstanding in 2015 after a CQC inspection in …

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10 of the best foods to eat to fight depression – from fish to fruit

When Professor Felice Jacka first started studying the effects of diet on mental health back in 2005, people thought she was well angry. "Suggesting what we eat can affect how we feel was too many, the domain of hippie-trippy, non-evidence-based beliefs rather than genuine medicine," says Australia. "Many seemed to have a contempt for the thought that diet can be …

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New A & E for Ipswich Hospital scheduled by the NHS one year after the Colchester merger | Latest Ipswich News

Video PUBLISHED: 14:14 22 July 2019 | UPDATED: 17:18 July 22, 2019 The architect's impression of the new Ipswich Hospital A&E building Picture: KLH ARCHITECTS KLH ARCHITECTS Health managers have spelled out their vision to pump nearly £ 25million to a new A&E and emergency care department at Ipswich Hospital. Send this article to a friend To send a link …

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