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Kate Middleton “is very keen to stop the constant comparison between her and Meghan Markle”

The Duchess of Cambridge was hit hard by the remarks in an article that served Tatler’s protection in July / August – because she “is very keen to stop the constant comparison between herself and Meghan Markle,” according to a former royal editor. Kate, 38, is said to be considering legal action against the Society’s Bible magazine, and Kensington Palace …

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Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis’ Cummings monologue has been criticized again when the BBC chief turns out

Emily Maitli’s opening monologue on Dominic Cummings on Newsnight has once again been under the fire of a BBC chief when row reignites. The BBC’s head of news, Fran Unsworth, has said that the 49-year-old Newsnight presenter’s words about Boris Johnson’s special adviser belonged “more on the op-ed page in a newspaper” than as the introduction to “an impartial broadcast …

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Inside the creepy abandoned Disney attractions left for decades

The rides have been closed, the crowds have long gone and the parks left to rot after they were closed down A series of eerie pictures have captured the remains of Disney’s abandoned attractions. 16 Urban explorers have revealed the creepy Disney parks that have been abandonedCredit: Seph Lawless Urban explorer and photographer Seph Lawless has visited a number of …

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