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Bulgarian coach Krasimir Balakov resigns after relapsing into racism

Krasimir Balakov told reporters that he "did not actually do anything here" after England's 6-0 win

Bulgaria's coach Krasimir Balakov resigned four days after England's Euro 2020 qualifying victory was overshadowed by racism from home supporters.

Monday's match in Sofia was stopped twice due to racial abuse directed at England's black players.

After the match, Balakov, 53, said he "heard nothing."

"I am no longer a national coach," Balakov told Bulgarian media after a meeting of the Bulgarian Football Union on Friday.

According to reports from Bulgaria, the entire board of the Bulgarian Football Union, including President Borislav Mikhailov, has resigned.

"The performance of Bulgaria's men's national team in recent months has been described as unsatisfactory, which is why Krasimir Balakov resigned," the organization says.

Bulgarian authorities have so far identified 1

6 suspects and made 12 arrests after the English game.

Four supporters received fines and two-year bans on Thursday, with others remaining under investigation.

"I wish success to the next coach, the situation is not pink at the moment," Balakov said.

"I've never been a coach in such an atmosphere.

" I tried to pick up the players in the locker room. There was no rebellion.

"The players were so mentally stressed by what was happening on the pitch that they lacked energy to rebel."

I heard nothing – Balakov

Balakov said on Monday night: "I was focused on the game.

" I actually heard nothing but I just talked to the English press down and I told them if this is proven To be true we must be ashamed and we must apologize for it.

"But once again, it must first prove to be true."

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