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UK spy chiefs prepare for Russian revenge cyber attacks

BRITAIN's security chiefs are preparing for Russian retaliation following the Syrian military strikes, which may mean that ministers, parliamentarians and other high-profile public figures are directed at personally embarrassing allegations.

Theresa May is said to have received MI6 risk assessments, which pointed to Kremlin-backed hackers who released compromise material – "kompromat" – against some of her cabinet colleagues.

The UK Internet Intelligence Agency, GCHQ and the Department of Defense are believed to be in a position to retaliate "proportionally" with cyber experts already "prepositioned" in data networks for Russian targets if Moscow would target critical facilities such as National Grid and NHS, both of which high alerts for cyber intrusion.

A source of security explained: "We know what is in the Russian playbook ̵

1; compromise material – we are all prepared for it.

"We know they have the ability to penetrate that scale. We do not say there is a picture of" X "waiting to come out but it will be great for us if they do not have such material."

Another intelligence figure warned: "It would not be impossible for them to come through in any way that really hurts us. If they are aggressively coming after us, we will certainly be able to do some things to them. Unlike Russia, we follow the law, so everything we do would be proportionally done. "

If he was worried about cyber attacks, Boris Johnson said: "We must take all precautions and when we look at what Russia has done, not just in Salisbury, without the attacks on television stations, on the democratic processes, on the critical National infrastructure, of course, must be very careful.

"But I want to stress … we in Britain do not seek an escalation, certainly not. Therefore, it was so important to get our message to Russia, to all involved that our response is limited to saying no to chemical weapons , "added the Foreign Minister.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, announced that New York would introduce new sanctions against Russia in the wake of the chemical weapons attack at Douma.

"Russian sanctions will come down. Secretary Mnuchin will announce them on Monday if he does not already have and they will go directly to all types of companies dealing with equipment related to the use of Assad and chemical weapons." Haley told for CBS.

"So, everyone will know it at this time. Everybody knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to us," she added.

Otherwise, May told The Sunday Times that the British government should target Vladimir Putin's members, who had "illegal finances" in London.

"We look at all aspects of the action that can be taken," she said.

A No. 10 source added: "You will soon see comprehensive measures against economic measures against Russian oligarchs in Britain."

Earlier this year, the security minister Ben Wallace warned that those who use Britain as a haven for undue profits would be the target of new unexplained wealth schemes [UWOs] which came into force in January.

These allow the government to seize property about individuals can not explain how they acquired assets of over 50,000.

Although UWO may apply to all nationalities, it is considered that the Russians are now a specific target.

Last month, the British ministers announced that the government intends to ban Scotland's secret tax havens, the Scottish Limited Partnerships, in a decay of the cleaning of Russian dirty money. triggered by Salisbury poisoning.

Their movement comes after constructive pressure from the Scottish government and a Westminster campaign led by SNP and a three-year campaign of investigative journalism from The Herald.

This newspaper has repeatedly exposed the use of Scottish-based shellfishers to move money anonymously through offshore tax havens and has expressed concern that the Russian president and his coworkers could use them to circumvent Western sanctions.

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