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UK Racetrack to become the first ‘dedicated socially distanced arena’

While coronaviruses have stopped large-scale live music events such as summer music festivals and stadium tours, a British racetrack is converting itself to the first “dedicated socially distanced arena.”

The Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle, England will change the city’s racetrack to accommodate 500 viewing platforms, with a maximum of 2,500 people allowed. Each viewing station, positioned against the stage, will be approximately six meters apart.

The venue will announce its first line of artists, entertainers and comedians on Tuesday, July 7, with exhibitions beginning in August.

The venue, designed by SSD Concerts, also promises to follow all social distance assignments, from the parking lot to the bathrooms to the viewing area.

All staff will be trained in advance about the safety procedures to maintain hygiene, including hand washing, wearing gloves when serving and eating. Staff and support managers will always have to wear masks, ”says the site’s website.

Ged Bell in Newcastle’s City Council told us watchman that Virgin Money Unity Arena is “a brilliant innovation where people will be able to enjoy top bands in a safe, responsible and socially distanced way.”

SSD Concerts Steve Davis added: “We believe that even in these difficult times, the people of the Northeast will come out in the thousands to see the artists they love.”

The venue also promised to donate a limited number of free tickets for each show to National Health Service staff.

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