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UFC, Bellator's Witness is facing three assault cases

UFC and Bellator veteran Melvin Guillard are in prison in Colorado after their arrest in connection with a club battle earlier this month.

Guillard, 35, was in Jefferson County (Colo.) On Monday on a separate secret violence and assault when the police arrested him for a single attack.

Police say Guillard knocked out a bar cartridge after an argument at a Denver club on September 3th. Video films that TMZ has received seems to show that Guillard lands a smash hit on an unidentified man before escaping from the club identified as Bar Standard.

According to online prison posts, Guillard is responsible for three degrees of second degree attack and a count of third degree abuse in relation to the incident. His deposit is set at 1

0,000 dollars.

Guillard returns to court on October 10 to answer for household charges for violence, which includes second-degree attacks by suffocation and domestic violence.

According to a memorandum of understanding received by MMAjunkie, he was arrested on April 23rd in Jefferson County, Colo., Following a complaint submitted by a once again girlfriend. The woman claimed that he struck and strangled her under an argument in her coach's house. She said it was triggered after she and Guillard returned from a restaurant and had just been intimate when they began to argue about their relationship.

The woman told police that she confronted Guillard with leaving her wife and the two entered a screaming match. Guillard then claimed to lay his hands around her neck and tighten her and let her hit him in the face. She told the police she was afraid Guillard "could kill her." When Guillard released, they began to argue again, and Guillard probably considered a shock holder to silence her again. She told the police to shake her side by side before she managed to fly and call police.

In a separate interview with the police, Guillard did not dispute the argument about their relationship and said that he picked the woman upside down, after which she shouted: "What should you do, hit me?" He claimed that the woman struck him when he said she would leave. Police noted Guillard seemed drunk, "but was well composed and clearly coherent." The woman was observed with a blown and swollen left eye, and she "cried and had trouble expressing some thoughts".

Guillard is also back in court on October 10 to answer another case of assault cases, resulting from an event September 30, 2017 in Jefferson County. According to an explanation of support for a probable cause recommendation, the police called a hospital and contacted a man who claimed that Guillard attacked him at home during an argument about his girlfriend.

The man said that Guillard had been friends, but then Guillard had begun flirting with his girlfriend via social media. He intervened and exchanged several text messages before the event where they "talked (expletive) to each other. At the night of the assault, the man told the police that a friend stormed into his house and caused a disturbance and caused him to escort the acquaintance on the street. He 1999 Buick Regal with Guillard inside, and the two began to argue.

The man claimed Guillard "complained that he spent all his time with his girlfriend and not enough time with him." The man tried to get Guillard to leave, but the fighter left his car and approached. Guillard repeatedly asserted the man and knocked him out after the man even called him a "jealous (expletive)." The police said the man had cut and swollen his nose and a laceration under the eye and on the forearm. The man later told investigators that he required multiple stitches and a surgically implanted metal plate to repair a broken orbital bone. 19659002] Attempted household charges and alleged abuse from the past year are scheduled to begin in January, Jefferson County District Attorney Spokesman Pam Russell told MMAjunkie.

For the past seven years, Guillard (32-21-2) has a 3-13 record with a few no-contests. He has lost eight straight fights. He fought four times for Bellator in that stretch and went 1-3, but the lone win was turned into a no-contest when he tested positive for a forbidden subject. Over the past 15 months, he is 0-4 with four knockout losses, including when he fought for the Australian Fighting Championships intermediate title.

In recent years, Guillard has been fighting for the scale. In his past 10 fights, he has lost weight or fought in a catch of seven of them. It includes what was supposed to be a WSOF lightweight title shot against Capt. Justin Gaethje. When Guillard hit the UFC it was easy. Over a stretch of more than eight years in the campaign he went 12-9.

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