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UFC 226: Daniel Cormier becomes new heavyweight fight, called retired Brock Lesnar

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Daniel Cormier is the king of two UFC divisions.

Cormier put the UFC championship into their lightweight heavyweight title Saturday night and Stipe Miocic dramatically stopped in the first run of the superfight on the UFC 226.

Cormier (21-1, 1 no contest) plotted UFC's long-lasting heavyweight fight with a right elbow from a clinch. He finished Miocic (18-3) on the ground with 27 seconds remaining in the round by landing several shots to the defending champion's head.

Cormier became the second fighter in the UFC story to hold two championship belts at the same time. Conor McGregor was the UFC Spring Fighting match in 2016 when he took the easy title from Eddie Alvarez.

"I was heavyweight for a long time, and I left the division," said Cormier. "I never knew what I could be, but tonight I got the answer. I'm a two-part champion, honey!"

Cormier has never lost to anyone except Jon Jones, the star-crossed former lightweight champion who hit him twice. The second win last summer was changed to a no-contest when Jones failed with a doping test, and he is still out of the sport.

Cormier has reached its peak with less than a year to go until he has achieved his self-retirement age in 40 years.

"I'm 39 years old, and I've been many times," said Cormier. "But today I have achieved everything I ever wanted. From crying in this octagon almost a year ago, leaving as the heavyweight champion."

Cormier's 5-inch deficiency and 8-inch disadvantage against Miocic proved to be no problem ̵

1; and he actually refused a few pounds more than Miocic on Friday.

"In our study, we knew that Stipe would come out of the clinic a little with my hands low, so I worked on it," Cormier said. "I spent the whole camp and beat out my training partners, and today I have to do it in the eighteenth century."

Cormier's move to challenge Miocic was just the third super fight in the UFC history between the government in two weight classes. Welterweight champion georges st Pierre defended his belt in 2009 by tearing lightweight champion BJ Penn, and McGregor achieved his performance less than two years ago in his latest MMA match.

After killing Miocic, Cormier participated in a number of clearly planned theaters with Brock Lesnar, the professional wrestler and former UFC heavyweight campaign. Cormier called Lesnar in the cage, and Lesnar drove Cormier in his chest while fighters acted insults to hype a potential future bout.

"Shoot me now, and you'll sleep later," screamed Cormier on Lesnar. "Your days are before. In the Stone Age."

Reading, probably the biggest pay-per-view drawing in UFC history, is expected to return to MMA later this year or early next year.

He must meet a remarkable fighter in Cormier, a heavyweight amateur breaker before his late start-up MMA career. He won the Strikeforce heavyweight title before leaving the division when joining the UFC because he did not want to fight Cain Velasquez, his training partner and the former UFC heavyweight match.

In the past, heavyweight Derrick Lewis has earned a lifeless decision on the previously terrible view of Francis Ngannou in the UFC's biggest show in the summer. Welterweight Mike Perry also earned an abundant bloody split decision victory over Paul Felder.

But Cormier gave all the fireworks necessary with his demolition of Miocic, who had held the heavy belt for over two years. Miocic was the most dominant heavyweight champion in UFC's most tumultuous division, and defended his belt a UFC record three times.

The Cleveland Fire Department had not lost since December 2014 and had not been stopped since September 2012.

The exhibition limited the UFC annual international match week in early July in its hometown. For the fourth consecutive year, the weekend's pay-per-view card lost a big game when the featherweight campaign, Max Holloway, was ruled out of his title defense with Brian Ortega due to symptoms of an obvious brain injury.

Lewis (20-5) earned an easy decision victory by default when Ngannou (11-3) seemed uninterested to engage with heavy boos. Ngannou, who landed an elak 11 striking over three rounds, was considered the UFC's next heavyweight force before Miocic dominated him in January.

Perry (12-3), who was sometimes upset, finished a two-match slash with a disciplined punishment against Felder (15-4) who hung up despite injuring his right forearm and injuring his left eye. Both fighters were covered in Felder blood through the last call.

Former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis also sent Michael Chiesa in the second round with a triangular arm from the bottom position. Pettis (21-7) beat his opponent with a right hand before winning for the third time in eight fights since 2014.

Formerly unsuccessful Brazilian midweight, Paulo Costa, Uriah Hall stopped in the second round of a jerky slug party between two of the hardest battles of the sport. Lightweight heavyweight Khalil Rountree kicked off the PPV card with a surprising first round of Gokhan Saki, a heralded Dutch kickboxer in his third pro MMA match.

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