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UFC 225 Recap: Robert Whittaker Edges Yoel Romero In The Five-Turn War

Take a bow, Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero.

Originally, the UFC 225 was expected to have an UFC middle class match between the two elite fighters. Instead, Champ Whittaker did not put his belt on Saturday at the United Center in Chicago, as challenger Romero missed weight on Friday.

Still, Whittaker and Romero put on a rematch to remember for the ages.

They first met on the UFC 213 in July in July, and it was Whittaker who went away with the win and became the interim midfielder. Romero started strong in that fight and won the first two rounds, but he slowed down ̵

1; and Whittaker made it up in time – when time went on. Whittaker won the rematch of the UFC 225 event, but it did not matter at all.

Early it seemed that the second match would be easier for Whittaker. Things went way straight from the opening bell; He landed kicks for killing Romero's legs and several other strikes. He blocked Romero, who was not very active in the first two rounds.

Visitors to the main event would later know that Romero might have just waited.

For something big.

In the third round, Romero landed a devastating right hook that stunned the master. He rocked Whittaker at least once in the round, which was one of the best frames in 2018 so far.

From there until the last horn turned Whittaker and Romero for the fence and gave everything they had. The fourth round was a bit slower; Whittaker had more volume, but Romero hurt him late. The fifth round was dominant for Romero and the main reason it is difficult to give Whittaker the decision at this time. Many claim that Romero won two rounds and at least one was a 10-8 round, which would lead to a worst-case disruption. But Whittaker favors on the scorecards and went away with a shared decision win.

What was the highlight of the match?

Whittaker vs. Romero 2 was an unforgettable, back and forth direct classic. The heart of both men was the highlight of the fighter. The fact that Whittaker managed to recover countless times from powerful Romero shots was quite remarkable and said much about who "The Reaper" is like a fighter. And on the back, Romero took his fair share of the damage and sometimes seemed exhausted. Whittaker probably broke his right hand halfway through the game, and it would not surprise me to hear if Romero suffered a little more than bumps and bruises as well.

Neither man stopped – far from it – in such a war. And while they spent 50 minutes away, Whittaker and Romero almost did not answer all the questions we had received on the rematch. They left the octagon on Saturday with the majority of fans wanting to see a trilogy eventually.

Where are these two from here?

It is not clear who Whittaker's first title's defense (officially) will come across, but it seems that the leading runners facing the Australian next are Kelvin Gastelum and Chris Weidman. The former champion beat Gastelum in July, but he has taken care of a tumor injury since the match and Gastelum has been on the roll since he beat that match. Either option is good, but I would like to see Whittaker vs Gastelum the most.

Rome's next step will be an interesting to watch because he lacked weight before the Whittaker rematch. UFC rewarded him a title shot after losing weight before stopping Luke Rockhold earlier this year, but will promotion be so kind to him after a second successive miss?

If we could not see "God's soldier" up to 205 pounds. And hello, I'd be down for it. If he stays in middleweight, there are a number of alternatives to him, including rematches with Weidman or Ronaldo Souza, or maybe even a once-planned battle against rising challenger David Branch.

Look now later or never?

I'm not sure about Whittaker vs. Romero 2 was more entertaining than Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje, but it's almost completely pissed off. We will certainly talk about it in December when we decide which fight to win 2018 this year's match.

If you did not get the tip, check out the median's rematch no one knew they would see as soon as you can.

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