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Health Benefits of Dom Plant

The Dom facility is reported to have patients with constant pressure increase.

The fruit of the domain is uniform in the apple form, and it is known as Dom, which is a perennial plant that grows heavily in Egyptian Upper Egypt.

Health Benefits With Dum:
– Dum helps dramatically to treat asthma.

– Dom factory is working to treat prostate enlargement.

– Domicus has been reported to have patients with constant pressure increase. It is used in the scalp and helps to groom the hair, and is useful for baldness.

– They have a very high ability to lower cholesterol in human blood and increase cholesterol leads to cure of brain and brain arteries.


1; The fruit of the house is often treated by the sun rays, where they eat raw, but if you find that the fruit is hard and dry in this case it can be crushed and then drink three tablespoons a day with a glass of water.

– They are used to treat hemorrhoids and are used to treat gastric ulcer and act as a pain reliever for the legs.

– The dumplings work to modify the hormone testosterone and thus clearly affect the treatment of disorders that adhere to sexual ability in men and work to increase the number of sperm in men and the lack of testosterone in men than normal can lead to problems Many health affects several things, including: strength of memory, energy, sexual ability in essence and bone strength.

– Dominal Treatment for Infertility in Women: Suspended mixture of dominain pollen with suspension of honey is taken and eaten daily.

– They are very rich in many vitamins and important nutrients, making it a therapeutic, medical, useful and necessary. Vitamin D contains niacin, vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin A and most importantly it is rich in antioxidant substances and has a very powerful effect, such as: flavonoids, and as well known, antioxidants contribute a lot. In the fight against free radicals, they protect against many problems affecting human health, lowering blood cholesterol and lowering fat or improving human memory, protecting nerve integrity and brain work, and even fighting signs of aging.

Many studies have been made about the benefits of Dom and still exist. The fruit of the domain, which has been known since ancient times, has proven to have many benefits of health and medicine treatment, both in harmony with harmful cholesterol or blood loss levels and slow growth of cancer cells in the body. The use of the scientific plant:
The lady's leaves are used in the chain and rock work, because wood is used in carpentry and found the fruits of them in many ancient Egyptian tombs used by artisans to make dyes and pastors. Dental painting , painting, plastic production, staining of horns and many more.
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