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Dubai Health treats 10 breast cancer cases in men

Dr. Moza Al Hattawi, specialist in general surgery and founder of the Pink Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), revealed that the number of male breast cancer cases detected and treated in DHA from 2007 to the present has reached 10, although women suffer basically and however, males are rare and their causes are often hereditary or due to a genetic mutation in males.

She noted that there are men who are more likely to develop breast cancer than other men, especially at age 60. Family with breast cancer (with one or both breasts), and shakes Those who have been exposed to younger doses with very high doses of radiotherapy may be in the group that has a high risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Al-Hattawi said that the prevalence of the disease increased from 1

5% in previous years and most patients are of Asian nationality, pointing out that the body A study and a comprehensive study to identify the causes and increase the number of patients with this disease.

Early detection

She added: If the disease is detected early it is really easy to treat and the cure rate is very high and can reach 90% but Unfortunately most cases of this percentage are in advanced stages , which leads us to start b

She pointed out that heredity has a role, especially since it is considered a genetic disease that can be transmitted in the case of a grandmother or mother, sisters, aunts and daughters to aunt and if the disease is detected in a woman and man prefer to do a genetic study of her relatives.

Prevention factors include early marriage, early pregnancy and non-delay, breastfeeding and healthy eating, as well as exercise and regular breast screening.

Awareness plan

The government's hospital sector developed a comprehensive awareness plan during the month of World Breast Cancer Day, public and private schools, university students and various state and private departments by giving lectures on the event [19659002] in addition to a free survey of women who are present and who want to investigate. In addition to a special campaign day, many associations such as Emirates Motor and Bicycle Federation, Friends of Volunteer Bicycles Association and Sports and Youth Association

will launch a major event in the Pink March name and tour the Jumeirah area of ​​Dubai, an annual event that we started in 2012 and every year the number

She explained that Dubai Hospital will set an awareness day where brochures and brochures will be distributed and a discussion will be held with patients who have been cured. Tumors. The hospital's mammography mammography department has adopted a free check-up for female employees this month.

Periodic Survey

Dr. Al-Hattawi said: We recommend a regular breast examination starting at the age of 20, unless one of the relatives is infected. It is recommended that the study begins at a younger age of 10 for those in the vicinity and the examination of mammograms every year after the age of 40. There are other screening devices for young people and for special cases such as sound waves and magnetic resonance rays.

On the occurrence of a vaccine against breast cancer, which in the case of cervical cancer has not been internationally explained for a vaccine against breast cancer, and there are many studies but still

Dr. Moza urged everyone not to be scared and especially ashamed by the presence of a gynecologist at the hospital to serve them and help them make our lives always like our pink campaign.


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