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Death of a famous Arab singer after a conflict with cancer

Rania Alawi wrote

The Iraqi artist Sahar Taha died at the age of 61 in a hospital in the United States after a long battle of cancer, is scheduled to be transferred to Beirut's magic body for burial, especially when she is married to a businessman

Sahar Taha started his career in 1990 and was famous for his Iraqi heritage. She got cancer twice but managed to defeat her. She returned to the fight against the disease in 2011 and continued to receive chemotherapy in the United States until her death on Friday.

] Sahar was born in Baghdad. Her father was a poet and a poet. She has four brothers: Samir, Namir, Mounir, Aqeel. She received her MBA in Baghdad in 1984. She graduated in the song and song of the National Institute of Lebanon in 1

989. She has a honorary doctorate from Islamic Civilization University. She has worked for a number of Arabic and Lebanese newspapers and has written for the Al Mustaqbal newspaper in Beirut since 1999. Sahar Taha has also featured many musical programs in Arabic media programs. She also worked for future television and stations (Network Arab Radio and TV) in the mid-nineties, and continued to provide musical programs, as she served as a jury member at music festivals and programs in both Egypt and Lebanon in 1995, 2001 and 2002. Since 1997, she has been a member of the Artist Syndicate and a member of the Mounir Bashir El Oud Foundation and the International Musical Foundation for Musical Arts.

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