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A meeting to discuss the agenda of the second session of the "Iqdar World Summit" in Abu Dhabi

  Supreme Committee Summit at the 2018 Summit

Higher Committee Organizing Summit of the World's Most Powerful Review of the 2018 Summit

The UqD World Summit Summit Meeting at the UAE Headquarters in Abu Dhabi; Inspector General Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior and Chair of the Higher Committee to Discuss the Plans and Agenda of the Second World Conference's Second Session, held under the auspices of HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the UAE, 26-28 November at Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center In the capital of Abu Dhabi.

The Uqdar World Summit's Highest Organizing Committee announced the theme of the second session to be "Empowerment of People in Social Development and Stability: Skills ̵

1; Knowledge – Laws – Opportunities".

The meeting discussed the main subjects discussed at the summit and the conference's scientific programs, at the exhibition this year, and also informed the committee of the names of the best local and international speakers attending the summit.

The ACDR World Summit is a unique local and international event in the region and the world. It is about safeguarding society's interest as a whole and empowering and empowering its people to raise awareness of all sectors of society. It is of interest to develop it and achieve the main objective of this global scientific event. .

The meeting was attended by representatives of the ministries for national, education, community development and youth issues, the National Council of Information and National Archives, the National Council of the General Affairs Union, the Higher Universities, the University of Technology, the School of Education Foundation , The Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the Fight Against Drugs and Crime in the Gulf States Cooperation Council, the International Alliance and the International Committee on the Protection of Children on the Internet at the UN.

At this time, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Dabal, General Coordinator at the Summit, said: "AQDAR World Summit is busy discussing the various issues of human society as it is a global UAE platform that brings together specialists from all areas to discuss a Key issue this year, Human Rights in Social Development and Stability ".
"This year we strive to achieve UAE leadership, leadership and excellence in the global arena by focusing on people, educating and educating them as the core of the construction of advanced and ambitious civilizations."
Dr Abdulsalam Al Madani, CEO of Uqdar World Summit, said: "I welcome our senior government leaders for their efforts to make UAE a global platform for this type of event and I thank our partners for their good communication and support for the success of this Summit of the world's most powerful has become a leadership for knowledge, bringing together experts, leaders, decision makers and community members to connect and formulate a clear vision aimed at empowering people to build cohesive societies with science, ethics, security and tolerance. "
"Topic of the year is" Empowering people in society's development and stability "skills – knowledge-team-opportunities" illustrates current and future practices for countries in the region and the world to support their intellectual and ethical aspects. Positive with challenges and contribute to the development and stability of their homeland and communities. "

For her part, Mona Ajeef Al Zaabi, Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Support Service at the Ministry of Community Development, member of the highest committee at the summit of the world's most valuable confirmed that the slogan at the second session of the Summit is" in line with the ministerial vision and goal of building and stabilize a society "UAE, starting from empowerment and development of humans within a stable and happy family environment.

The summit of the year will highlight some initiatives that reflect the empowerment of individuals in different areas of society and the provision of innovative services that enable the individual to reach a cohesive society responsible for social development.

Dr Faisal Mohammed Al-Bakri, adviser to the education minister, in a statement on the basic knowledge and competence to empower people in social development and stability pointed out that the summit held in this blessed year, The world leader, from which the world derives from qualities, sentences and lessons to be emphasized, and in particular his vision and efforts to develop, educate and awaken humanity with the skills and skills needed to build a safe and prosperous nation.

He explained that the Department of Education's efforts extend to the development of education and administrative staff and the development of the education system to achieve sustainable development goals and supports the UAE's vision 2071 to reach number 1 to be our young state model for world. Abdullah Al-Risi, chairman of the Summit's Scientific Committee, thanked and appreciated Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Interior for the valuable trust he has given to join the Summit Summit and its sound guidance and unrestricted support for the Summit . He praised the efforts of the Summit Summit, the previous version that gave them motivation and motivation to complete the journey with all the enthusiasm and strength.

and stressed that the slogan and shoulders and action mechanisms at the second summit will differ from that previously because of the new ideas that arose during the first meeting, where he noted all the motivation and enthusiasm in his dissertations. He explained that a new plan for the work of the Scientific Committee would be developed before it was sent to the second meeting of adoption.

Dr Abdul Latif Al Shamsi, Head of the Higher Technical Colleges and a member of the Akdar World Summit's Highest Committee, emphasized the importance of the Akdar World Summit, a pioneering initiative of Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Sajd Al Nahyan and Minister of the Interior. Under the theme of "Empowering people in the development and stability of societies" following the success of the summit summit last year, which concerned moral education.
He pointed out that the theme of the summit this year focuses on human empowerment, confirming the UAE's human status as a basis for development, development and future building. It also highlights the important question of how to build a good leading and productive person who can serve his country with his knowledge and intellect. (19659004). Judge Hatem Fouad Ali, Regional Director of the United Nations Office for Drug Addiction and Crime (UNODC), confirmed that the next summit, as its first edition, would increase dialogue and exchange of views. And the opportunity to come together with successful recommendations on how to develop action programs and how to use the initiative of the best and global summit to serve international efforts to prevent extremism and deviation through the use of young people's soft power and through education institutions to develop frameworks for to prevent extremism and to prevent moral and moral deviation, which leads to extremism, terrorism and crime.

Through our participation and support from the summit, we also look forward to hearing during the special sessions next to this summit the visions of Arab youth and youth in the United Arab Emirates, and to hear from them, ultimately they are goals and ends and means at the same time.

The world's highest summit is organized by Index Conferences and Exhibitions, a member of INDEX Holding in Partnership and Partnership with the Khalifa Program of Authority and the United Nations, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Education Department, Abu Dhabi and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.

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