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Tyson's rage: Seferi did not fight, he ran around

By calling Callum Vurley, licensed by The Daily Star

TYSON FURY Sefer Seferi failed to beat a match but revealed that he was very pleased with his own performance.

Fury had not fought since his victory over Wladimir Klitschko 924 days ago but returned to the ring with a profit – albeit under difficult circumstances.

He started the first two rounds with a little showboating and audience, and warned a warning from ref in others.

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However, after a few battles landed at Seferi in the fourth round, the Albanian decided to retire on the execution. They left the fans furious.

And Fury shared their rage but acknowledged that he was happy with the night anyway.

"That's what it was," said Fury.

"He took a few hard blows and he told him he would not send him out for the fifth.

" I saved it for the fifth round, because I said I would knock him out for five. I was fit and ready and very pleased with the result.

"If I'm brutally honest I could have struck him in ten seconds. I could have done him in the first round, let's be honest."

"But what had it done to me? I have four rounds instead of ten seconds. I liked it.

"The opponent was quite short, which meant he was easy and fast."

"He did not come to fight, he came to run around the ring and enjoy himself. Hoped for a bigger opponent but we could not really get any, there was no one available.

" We took Seferi, he had a good record and a hard chin. "

" He took me a few rounds so I'm happy with it. Very happy indeed. "

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