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Tyron Woodley Details Sparring Session with "Buffoon" Colby Covington

The UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley claims he dominated the convincing 170-pound title holder Colby Covington in the gym, and he is willing to testify witnesses.

The selected person recently went with MMA Hour to discuss the ongoing beef between him and his American American Team (ATT) member. Covington has taken the interima welterweight strap on the UFC 225, almost guaranteed a match against Woodley.

Covington has claimed that he and Woodley would originally be saved for five consecutive times at ATT, but Woodley ended the session early after two rounds. Chaos claims he made the weight-loss champion "quit".

Now, Woodley has told her version of the events, and they go a lot different from what Covington had described them (quotes via MMA Fighting ) :

"I talked to (coach) Your (Thomas), I said, "Din, you know what? I'll take him down and see how he reacts. "And I tortured him for the whole exercise," said Woodley. "He ran out of the carpet and shouted, stormed and I have people willing to come and testify about training camps."

"Tell me a person who will testify that Colby was angry with my ass." Tell me someone who will be under oath and let God above them say that he hit me in something. He does not hit Ever at the time of wrestling. Not only has he never taken me, he has never won a millisecond of a round, "added Woodley.

"I can not even imagine when he has won a combination of combinations. He ran me from the entire training camp from me. He went home early and said his toe was hurt. And when it was time to really wrestle he had my striking partner … there with a broken wrist that broke me while Colby was in the weight room as he did not know what's happening.

"So the fact that he'd even pick it up, I'll be kidding his ass so badly . I have never wanted to hurt anyone in my life. I never wanted to beat someone up so badly. "

Further, Woodley claims that he has text messages between him and Covington who he is threatening to leak. After all the clues Covington talked about Woodley, he tried to tell the welterweight champion that he was just trying to hype a fight so that they both could do big money when it's all said and done:

"One thing that Colby really underestimate that I'm going to leak out these text messages of him," said Woodley. "I'm his big brother, and I'll always be his big brother. He went to training camp to help me train for Rory MacDonald, and I've never met a lazier bit than Shield Colby Covington, a more horrible person than Colby Covington.

"When it was time to wrestle, ask him how many takedowns he actually did to me. Zero. Ask him why he turned blue as a blueberries blueberries when I stifled him and he refused to knock. So he's a rump training partner, he's a horrible person, nothing like he says is actually, and I told him.

"I called him and I said," Hi, I know you feel you have to do this is it The way that Conor McGregor did and you think this is what you have to do, but you're doing really bad. "I said," I gave you a weekend at FOX when I was on air and that's all. So you can say what you want, but I will not answer it. "

" He said, "Ah man, I'm just trying to make money for both of us, the man. We know that we both eat at the end of the day. Light at the tunnel. "So when someone does well [job promoting themselves] like with Conor (McGregor) or Chael (Sonnen), I hate to disclose them.

" But when you have [an employee] of American Top Team scripting and writing your stuff and when 99 Percent of your social media is my face, you must check your male visa because you lost all points. "