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Two people shot at the busy Downtown Brooklyn block

Three people were arrested – including two innocent pursuers – on a busy Brooklyn Brooklyn Street on Friday afternoon sending people who drove to cover, police said.

The shooting expired at 1:50 at the crossing of Gallatin Place and Fulton Street rose from a Gap Factory Store and a House of Hoops Foot Locker offshoot at the outdoor Fulton Mall, police said.

Offren – two men, 31 and 28 and a 26 year old woman – all rushed to the New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with life-threatening injuries, officials said.

The 31-year-old man led a shotgun in his left thigh, the 28-year-old man, old man shot in his left arm, and the woman was once grazed in the left hand and once in the right arm, according to the police.

There were no immediate arrests.

The shooter who escaped from the scene was described as a black man wearing a white hat and red shorts, the police said.

Police say it The 28-year-old man, known for police, was the intended goal and got an argument with gunman moments before the shot. The other man and woman were innocent pursuers.

The woman had just left a work interview while the 31

-year-old man just walked down the street with a colleague when the bullets rang out, Deputy Chief Michael Kemper

Street Sellers Anthony Nickns, 58, who witnessed the sidewalk shot, said that a woman "hit a man in the face" and he pulled out a gun and started firing. "

" When she turned him, he hit the gun and started firing, "Nickns said, adding that he heard The woman shouts "did you know" before she encountered

  Police at the shooting site.
Paul Martinka

Another witness Darius Word, 44, said he stood at the corner of Fulton Street and Lawrence Street when bullets began to fly.

"There were two girls arguing and then the guys came into it," said Word. "A guy was wearing red shorts you could say he had something he had his hand on his pocket."

"When I looked over Here at Gap I saw a guy on the floor, "Word said.

During the chaos, Word said he" froze "but that" everyone ran around me. "

" My friend hid behind this LinkNYC and then I realized, "Oh, I have to move," he said. "It's just too much violence."

Understanders also took part in Twitter in the midst of the uprising in the lively area.

"NYC retrieves an active manhunt for a shotdriver in Downtown Brooklyn. 2 shot next to Jay Street Station," The user Erick Moore tweeted .

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