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Two more cardinal games play out

55 games in 45 days. That’s what the Cardinals would be up to now if they were to play their entire 60-game schedule, as more games have been postponed. And I suspect there will actually be even fewer days than that.

Thursday’s doubleheader against the Tigers, which in itself was a make-up for previous launches, has now also been “postponed”:

The Cardinals are otherwise scheduled to resume play against the White Sox on Friday, but I can imagine that the only way that will happen is if they do not have any new positive weeks * AND * can come on the field to train together later than Wednesday. I do not know that is realistic. This could be a situation where Friday’s game is postponed to Sunday as part of a doubleheader to give them another day.

Add that theory? The game on Saturday was pushed back, perhaps to allow another day of test results before taking the field:

So again, I guess the Cardinals will not be back until Saturday.

… but what about the rest of the season? At that time, you would be talking about 55 games in 44 (!) Days. You have to give the Cardinals a 35-man list so that it can even be done remotely and safely. I just do not see it.

So, as I said yesterday: I suspect we will see the Cubs series and the Pirates series simply interrupted. So the Cardinals will play, at most, a total of 54 games this year, and the Pirates / Cubs will play 57. The division, Wild Cards and playoff positioning just have to be determined by winning percentage. I do not see any other way around this, realistically.

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