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Turkish sailors kidnapped by pirates from the Nigerian coast

The ship, which was managed by Kadioglu Denizcilik, became the subject of "pirates" who disrupted the ship's electrical system and was abducted by ten senior senior members, including the first captain, Paksoy said.

The remaining 8 members of the crew managed to get the ship to end up in Ghana, he said. When the ship was in Ghanaian water, Ghana's military escorted the ship, Paksoy, said.

Paksoy said the attackers have not contacted the company for any solutions.

"The pirates have not yet contacted us. We are waiting for them to contact us. When we look at the previous cases it may take some time, it seems as if"

The company and the crew members who were not abducted are in contact with the Turkish Foreign Ministry,

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A report released this month by the International Maritime Agency (IMB), a non-profit dedicated to fighting maritime crime, has called the Gulf of Guinea a "hotspot for world piracy" and says that "the seas around West Africa are the world's most dangerous for piracy."

73% of all kidnappings at sea and 92% of hostages take pl ess in the Gulf of Guinea – from Nigeria, Guinea, Togo, Benin and Cameroon, from January to June this year, the report reported.

Armed pirates in these waters kidnapped 27 crew members in the first half of 2019, compared to 25 in the same period in 2018, it said. Two chemical tankers were also hijacked, as well as a tugboat which was then used in another attack.

Nine ships were burned all over the world, eight of which were off the coast of Nigeria – Africa's best oil producer – according to IMB, said it has welcomed a "noticeable decrease" in the Guinea attacks since April compared to the previous year, but says the Nigerian fleet has successfully reacted to reported incidents by sending patrol boats.

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