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WhatsApp's Dark Mod wallpapers appear

WhatsApp users are waiting for the release of the dark mode feature for great curiosity, while the company continues to do so. The latest beta version of WhatsApp is more than enough to confirm two dark-state allegations. Now both operating systems and third-party applications are in the dark, but WhatsApp remains silent. While WhatsApp has worked in dark mode for a long time, the feature has not yet been released for beta or stable release. It is currently unknown when the feature will be available. However, recent developments reveal that WhatsApp's dark theme may soon be coming . Now let's look at the important developments that occurred with the WhatsApp Android beta update. WhatsApp's Android beta has been updated to "2.1

9.327", revealing two new wallpapers . This development reinforces the latest WhatsApp claims to have two different dark mode features . Since two new wallpapers reflect two different themes in terms of color.

The backgrounds that we will soon share with you are not available in the new beta. WABetaInfo says that these background images are from files . Now let's look at what these two wallpapers look like in WhatsApp application files. In the design, one of them is light and the other dark. This shows that WhatsApp can offer two different dark theme features later. But of course, time will tell if this will happen, since WhatsApp officials have never made any statements .

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