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What is November 11, World Singles Day?

Black Friday and World Singles Day, which profoundly affected our country, is a day that leads the masses to consume. However, neither the United States nor Europe invented this day. This time the owner of the invention in China! On November 11, World Singles Day, singles are targeted and many discounts are made. submitted for. The date was set to 11/11, consisting of four ”only 1.

However, when virtual sales giant Alibaba set this date as a discount day of 2009, it gradually turned into a giant shopping round.

consumers spent $ 25.3 billion on Internet purchases on November 11, 2017.

US consumers spent $ 5 billion on Black Friday and $ 6.6 billion on Cyber ​​Monday.

day and over the internet over a five-day period until Cyber ​​Monday, spending $ 1

9.6 billion in regular shopping. [19659004] Fashionista Turkey in recent years in the state was under the influence. [19659009] RELATED NEWS [19659010] Black Friday What is Black Friday? When does the discount on Black Friday 2019 begin? "/> What is Black Friday? When does discount start on Black Friday 2019?

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