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What is cyanide, how is cyanide poisoning, what are the effects? Why do they commit suicide by drinking cyanide?

cyanide suicide sat on Turkey's agenda all at once. Four brothers in Istanbul Fatih cyanide murder this morning after the news of Antalya was shaken. While two children are found dead in their family homes for four people, authorities are suspected of cyanide. The first teams that entered the house were immediately moved to the hospital, the apartment evacuated. Cyanide in recent days after the news of collective suicide on Google "Cyanid, what is cyanide poisoning, what are the effects?" Conversations became popular. Is the chemical component that causes many deaths and health problems so easy to find dangerous cyanide? Here are answers to questions that have been curiously investigated about cyanide …


Cyanide is commonly known as the name given to chemical compounds containing carbon and three bonded nitrogen. In fact, the food we eat does not harm our body contains enough cyanide. However, if the amount of cyanide is increased, this chemical is converted directly into poison. WHAT IS

Although large quantities of cyanide are dangerous to our body, there are trace amounts in our body and in various foods. Do not store in the body, not carcinogenic. Today, it is most exposed to inhalation of cigarette smoke and smoke. Cyanide acts through irreversible binding to methemoglobin in the blood. This function causes hypoxia due to the blood's inability to provide oxygen perfusion to the tissues and ultimately causes hypoxic shock and death. Oxygen is present but cannot be transported in the blood. The body drowns in the acid pool.

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1373809/640xauto.jpg" alt = "What is cyanide, what is cyanide poisoning, what are the effects Why they commit suicide by drinking cyanide For that This substance binds to methemoglobin competing with cyanide, so that cyanide cannot bind methemoglobin. The sodium thiosulfate which is then administered reacts with cyanide to form thiocyanate. is often used for acrylic fiber, plastic production and synthetic rubber. Hydrocyanic acid cyanide is often used in chemical production, animal feed and pesticides. Sodium cyanide is also used in the chemical and optical industries, mainly in mining

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