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“The vaccine could be prepared in the spring of 2021”

Microbiology specialist Taşkınoğlu stated that there are four prominent studies in coronavirus vaccine studies. With information that phase-2 has been terminated and phase-3 has been initiated in this context, Taşkınoğlu noted that in phase-1 and phase-2 antibody formation was observed at dosing. Notes that the activity studies have not yet been done, Taşkınoğlu,

“How effective will it be, how much protection will it provide, how long will it take?” After giving this vaccine, these have not been done yet. For this, they have to do a very comprehensive study. they explained that they were successful, they publish and seem really nice. Worldwide, 100 Turkey has institutions interested in more than 8 vaccines. But we know that this vaccine 4 is the most effective and future. Phase 3, we vaccinate “We are sure it protects it.”

; We’re talking about the vaccine. It is too early and at least 6 months to enter the date of the vaccine. Those who carry out vaccination studies say the same. “


Given that antibody production in coronavirus vaccines has so far been controlled by B cells, Taşkınoğlu said:

“There is also an interesting development of antibodies to T-coronavirus via T-cells. There is also antibody production with T-cells that activate T-cells. For these vaccines we do not know if this is happening yet. It is very important. If we Fighting this virus over T cells while we are fighting it may not be very useful for B cells to make antibodies, therefore we need to get some more effective results in this regard.T cells work in two ways.

The second allows the antibody produced by B cells, which we say to stop the virus, to be activated. In studies to date, we have data that the T cells that can stop the virus after entering the cell are 100 percent of the patients who recover. T cells that stop the virus by making antibodies before entering the cell appear to be 75 percent. Data are very limited because it is very difficult to work with T cells. This data is incomplete, it is necessary to fill in this information. We will be able to complete this information when we conduct extensive studies. Then the vaccine can be developed both on B-cells and on T-cells say give antibody development and will still end up with the phrase “can”.

“AT LEAST 6 MONTHS Phase 3 work will continue”

With the information that vaccination studies can not take 6 months or 1 year, writes Dr. Tutku Taşkınoğlu stressed that it can take years to develop a vaccine. Recalling that there is still no vaccine against HIV, SARS or MERS viruses, Taşkınoğlu continued:

“So it’s very hard to say ‘we will find vaccines, we will do 100 percent. “It’s not enough to say ‘I found vaccines, I developed antibodies.'” Is this antibody really protective or not protective? “For that reason, I think the World Health Organization (WHO) has given its explanation of the coronavirus vaccine, I guess what they meant to say ‘Do not trust too much, keep protecting yourself’.

Phase 3 studies have just begun. Phase 3 studies are very important studies. We see the real thing here. In the phase 3 study, there will be lots of people who come across the virus. We will see if the masses facing the virus are really “protected or not protected”. Then we will realize how effective it is in cramped populations. The Phase 3 study must be completed before we call it vaccination. I think the WHO is trying to say that. I assume that the vaccine can be prepared in the spring of 2021. They will continue their phase 3 studies for at least 6 months, collect the results and carry out experiments. I think they can move on to the production phase later, at least 6-7 months before us. “

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