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The greatest risks to financial markets in 2020

Torsten Slok, chief economist for Deutsche Bank, listed the top 20 risks for the financial markets next year.

The top ten on the list include concerns based on refah that increase inequality, while uncertainty in the banking trade war has

Risks expected to weigh in global markets 2020

– Continuous increase in wealth, income and health inequalities.

– What is the first step after signing the trade agreement

– The uncertainty in the trade war continues to focus on decisions on institutional investment.

– The continued slow growth in China, Europe and Japan triggers the appreciation of the US dollar.


1; US President Trump dismisses investigation and possible government shutdown

– Uncertainty about US elections, tax filings, regulations and institutional capital costs

– Antitrust, integrity and technical regulation

– From foreign investors losing their appetite for US bonds after the presidential election.

Significant increased growth in the United States and / or the EU

– The US government debt level becomes important in the long term

– Discrepancy between demand and supply in short-term government debt and another repo rate hike.

-Fat reluctance to lower interest rates during election year

– Reduction in corporate revenues means less dollars for repurchase

– The shrinking global car industry poses a risk to global markets and the economy.

-Australia, Canada house prices in Sweden and Sweden

-Brexit b

In the top ten of the list, there is concern about the basis for "continued inequality at the welfare level", which is in the middle of the election cycle. US Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders also demanded additional taxes to cover the wealth gap.

Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Torsten Slok told CNBC: it can be resolved even before the end, but increasing injustice in wealth is a very long-term problem. "

Trade Uncertainty

Although US-China trade tensions have subsided as the two sides work on a partial trade agreement, markets still face a trade war. US President Donald, USA: President Trump has lowered hopes of a solution, saying that the United States has not agreed on the recall of tariffs between the two countries.
While the Trump administration imposed more than $ 500 billion in Chinese products, Beijing imposed an additional tax of $ 110 billion, China demands the withdrawal of duties as part of the partial trade agreement.


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