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The Bolivian chief of staff demands the departure of President Morales

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his departure from the peacekeeping post when the military demanded his departure.

Kaliman resigned

Bolivian Chief of Staff Williams Kaliman asked for the resignation of President Evo Morales. We recommend that Bolivia resigns to President Evo Morales to protect Bolivia's best and stability.

On the other hand, in the local press, the right-wing civilian committees, led by Luis Fernando Camacho, head of the city of Santa Cruz, opposed the protesters, Morales & # 39; e led to the president's office to enter the exit and end point.

Local media also reported that the Bolivian president's plan was seen to take off from El Alto International Airport, but Morales was not confirmed. Navarro and the President of the House of Representatives Victor Borda announced his departure.

Navarro, in a radio show he participated in, said: Violence must not destroy our lives. It is very sad. This is a very personal decision, but our lives revolve around our loved ones, and the most powerful and beautiful we have is our loved ones. 1


Navarro's house in Potosi was set on fire by dinners and their relatives were attacked.

52-year-old Navarro

On the other hand, Bolivian hydrocarbon minister Luis Alberto Sanchez issued a resignation letter from his social media account.

Sanchez said: "Today, more than ever, we need the country to return to unity and social peace. In view of the national welfare and respect for the right to life, I announce that I have resigned my post as hydrocarbon minister. [19659011] PRESIDENT OF THE BROTHERHOLD COMPANY FOR THE PRESIDENT

President of the House of Representatives Victor Borda announced that his house in Potosi was resigning and the abduction of his brother Marco Borda.

invaded my house and set it on fire. In addition, they took my brother hostage, even though he had nothing to do with my family. " Like Bolivian brothers, we cannot be at war with each other 19

Given the opposition's refusal to call for dialogue that şaşırtıcı surprised nde said Mor morales: they want me to, this is a bargain. The international community and the Bolivian people need to know this. This is a bargain under the pretext of "cheating".

Nearly 400 people were injured in violent acts scattered across the country, killing 3 people.

Morales, during his early morning press conference, oversaw the process for the American organization. He announced that the elections, which he stated were irregular, and the Supreme Electoral Court, which was responsible for organizing the elections, would be renewed.

Loser Carlos Mesa, who had demanded demonstrations to renew the elections for several days, did not accept it and did not accept Morales. Until 1910, he urged his followers to continue street demonstrations.

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