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The 22nd new episode trailer is online! No one knows the 21st episode

No one knows the 21st episode was released on ATV screens. Keremcem, Özgü Kaya, Engin Hepileri and Burak Serdar alenal are the leading players in the series. When civilization comes to prison, the ice melts between Ali and Sevda who believe that all problems are over. He believes they have survived the pair of civilized couples that are linked again. Civilized men threaten Kurtbey to get out of prison. The 22nd new episode trailer is released. No one here knows 21. Link to the last section …

No one knows the last part of the series; He wants to get rid of Ali by creating fantastic games to get Civilized Sevda. Uygar wants to prepare a new plan with Ali's ex-wife Özlem and wants to remove obstacles between him and Sevda.



Trying to find your brother Ali has because of obstacles. Uygar, who wants to turn this into an opportunity, makes another plan to announce to the pilot that it was Ali who killed Erniko. On the other hand, emotions are abducted by Pilot's enemies. Duygu's survival depends on one thing.

The civilized man uses the most important trump card to get out of prison. Ali, who is trying in every way to reach his brother, gets new information. In fear of Ali learning the truth, Kurtbey is preparing a new plan to stop him. Özlem tells her son the big secret she has kept for several years. Will he be able to get Sevda out of Ali's life, which he entered for the second time in years? On the other hand, he tries to marry the woman he loves a new obstacle in front of the pilot. In addition, this obstacle is also known to Ilhan.

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