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Pneumonia is ranked 4th among all causes of death

Health Sciences University Faculty Member Pulmonary Specialist Assoc. Dr. Nesrin Ocal, pneumonia, according to the World Health Organization's 2019 report of the world among the causes of death in the fourth, among deaths caused by infection, said the first place.

Assoc. Dr. In his statement on World Pneumonia Day, Öcal stated that pneumonia, also known as pneumonia, is an inflammation of the lung tissue and can occur in infections caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. He pointed out that this type of infection is not common in immunocompetent individuals. "In other words, the risk factors that break a person's body resistance rather than contamination play a role in the development of pneumonia." he said.

Prof. Dr. "Pneumonia is the fourth most common cause of death worldwide after ischemic heart disease, acute stroke and COPD, according to the World Health Organization Report of 201

9. Millions of people have died due to pneumonia."


Assoc. Dr. Nesrin Öcal, high fever, frozen cold, cough, mucus extraction, chest pain, fatigue, such as the symptoms are among the most common symptoms of pneumonia, "some" atypical pneumonia "in case we call cough, sputum instead of mild fever, muscle pain conditions are commonly seen in young patients. Pneumonia can be monitored at home with outpatient treatment from a condition that needs intensive care. It has a wide range of conditions.

Ocal, said: "Smoking and chronic alcohol use, uncontrolled and rapid weight loss, unsuitable rapid dieting diets, such as sudden lung inflammation, such as sudden resistance to the body. Patients with pneumonia symptoms and risk factors may occur. Chest radiographs, blood tests and sometimes lung tomography are usually sufficient for diagnosis. According to the case, sputum or blood culture may be requested. Patients with advanced age or general disability should be treated in hospitals. The main treatment is adequate antibiotics, enough fluid and food intake and rest. If diagnosis and treatment are started on time, significant improvements are usually achieved within one week in patients without chronic illness. Depending on the patient's condition, treatment may be delayed for a while. However, mortality is high in delayed and serious cases. ["Regelbundenuppföljningavpatientermedkronisksjukdomatthållasjukdomenunderkontrollkorrigeranärings-ochhygienförhållandenundvikandeavcigarettalkoholsubstansanvändningärviktigtiförebyggandestegÅtgärdersomattundvikafolkmassorochanvändamaskersärskiltunderperiodermedinfluensaepidemieräranvändbaraförpersonermedsvagimmunitetelleräldreBortsettfråndessaärdetmycketviktigtförpersoneririskzonenattfåvaccinmotlunginflammationPneumonivaccinärdenvanligastelunginflammationsbakterienGälleröverarmensmuskelDetfinnsingensäsongsberoendetimingVaccinationkangesomindividenärtillgängligvidönskadtidpunktAllapersonersomäräldreän65årdemedcancerbehandlingimmunsönskadepatienterorgantransplantationerkroniskasjukdomarsomnjureleverhjärtalungahjärnaochdiabetesmjälteellerpersonermednedsattfunktionshinderalkoholmisbrukaresjukhus-ochsjukvårdsanställda"

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