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It turns out that Google Home listens to home audio

The unit starts an assistant strike that easily enables activation of various technical tools or applications as well as current information such as weather and location. Google Home is not very common in our country because there is no Trke support.

Users received the device with the command “Hello, Google”; He thought he had stopped listening with the command “Ok, Google”. However, with the new update, users noticed that the device responded to sound even when not in use.


Google Home, which normally only responds or sends a message when enabled, got users’ attention when it also responded to subtle sounds like a glass damage or an alarm tone. While a user was cooking, Google Home sent him a message that he had received a fire alarm, even though it had to be shut down. Thus, the user has found that Google Home also listens to sounds that he should not listen to.


According to the share of a Reddit user, Google Home sent a message to his phone while he was cooking. The message from Google Home indicated that the user had received the fire alarm. So Google Home has started listening to “passive sounds” that they should not listen to.

A Google official who washes on the subject managed that this error was necessary. On behalf of Google, the official said that along with the latest update, Google Home accidentally started listening to other voices. The update published by Google was back with the error.


Google, which has recently been busy with data breaches, has reversed its latest update, saying that there was an error with the update.


In 2019, Google had placed a hidden microphone in the Nest Secure Alarm System, but claimed that it was not hidden. Despite this claim, users did not know about the “non-hidden” microphone until Google Assistant was allowed to use a microphone and did not know if they were listening to it. Thanks to this microphone placed on the alarm, Google was able to collect users’ reactions.

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