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If your hands and feet grow without reason, you may have acromegaly

Ankara University (AU) Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases. Dr. Demet Corapcioglu, weight gain without the conditions for hands and feet to grow and continue to grow acromegaly disease may indicate, indicating that such a situation should be seen in doctors of endocrinology and metabolism diseases, he said.

Ankara University (AU) The Faculty of Medicine for the 15th time this year yesterday and held at a hotel today pituitary symposium The participation of many experts from different parts of Turkey, CT and MRI images of the pituitary gland, diseases and drug treatment were discussed. professor Dr. Dr. Corapcioglu, pituitary weight, diagnosis and treatment of pituitary diseases related AA correspondent statements.

"Body Leader"

The pituitary gland is located behind the nose, the base of the head which says that Sockscioglu, although this little gland has very large functions, he said. Emphasizing that the pituitary gland has many tasks such as growth, development, being able to enter puberty, completing puberty and ensuring that the bone can be healthy, Çorapçıoğlu said it also controls other endocrine glands in the body and controls their work. Çorapçıoğlu, the pituitary "orchestral leader of the body" described, diagnosed with pituitary disease and patients with pituitary tumors, endocrinology and metabolic diseases should go to the clinic.

Small and pituitary gland that does not create a study defect that can cause major problems Çorapçıoğlu, "This is a person's pituitary disease or pituitary tumor talking about the child's endocrinology, adult endocrinology for adults needs to reach the third stage". he said.

Attention to increase in shoe size

Menstrual system for a normal adult woman, years after cutting the number of breasts may be the cause of the presence of a pituitary tumor If his legs remain thin, male-type hair appears on his body, and his cheeks are red, and fat accumulates on the back of his neck, he may have a cushing disease.

This is what a pituitary tumor does. is a cushing's disease, he may need to go to endocrinology. "he said. Çorapçıoğlu, in the same way as a man with normal masculinity functions, relief, breast augmentation, such as deterioration of body functions can be caused by the pituitary gland. forehead, nasal enlargement, jaw growth, thickening of facial lines, thickening of the voice, need to lift hands and feet, articulation of ordinary and pain. Çorapçıoğlu, "A person's hands without any weight gain status grows, if the shoe size increases and the volume can increase and continue to increase. have to go to endocrinology and metabolic diseases immediately. "he said.


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