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Heavy curses from Ronaldo! Experts explained …

In the 12th important match of Serie A, Juventus Milan defeated in the 55th minute of the match by Ronaldo, who replaced Argentina's Paulo Dybala with another goal.

Juventus played away with Lokomotiv Moscow during the week, winning 2-1 in the Champions League match due to injury in the 81st minute of the knee and went to the bench, Ronaldo & # 39; nun, yesterday's match with the Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri's decision to leave the stadium,

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Sarri had made a decision that required courage yesterday after Moscow, but it was not an easy task to take Ronaldo out of the game. together Sarri is not a coach either. [19659002] Corriere dello Sport magazine reported that Sarri was at risk by taking out Ronaldo early, but that he was justified in tactical change with Dybala's winning goal instead.

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news, Portuguese lip-reading experts, Ronaldo & # 39; nun teacher is said to have spent heavy curses.

Ronaldo said when he left the game today on Instagram because of his part of the match, "Hard match, important victory," he said. [1

9659002] Coach Sarri at a press conference after the match on the removal of Ronaldo & # 39; yu, "I see no problem with Ronaldo. On the contrary, we should thank him for playing, even if his physical condition was not very good. I chose to change it because it was not good. If he is angry it is normal. Here a tolerance is required and every player gets angry within 5 minutes after being removed from the game. This is what a coach likes. Otherwise I would worry 19

Capello's support for Sarri

Famous Italian coach Fabio Capello also supported Sarri in a television program in which he evaluated the match, "Ronaldo, 3. Sarri made this change boldly and won the match 19

Antonio Cassano, Rome's former goalkeeper, commented on a TV channel that he had a similar situation. "Did Ronaldo leave the stadium 3 minutes before the match? He can't do that because he has doping control at the end of the game. You have to be attentive. 12 years ago Capello took me out of the game in the Roma-Lazio match. So I went home. But then I had to return to the stadium because I was selected for the doping test at the end of the game. If I had not gone, I would have been disqualified for two years. "

 Experts in Ronaldodan heavy curses Experts ...

  Experts in Ronaldododan heavy curses ...

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