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6 foods useful for the liver

With over 500 functions, the liver, one of the most important organs in our body, can be harmed by excessive consumption of things like alcohol. In the end, there are some nutrients that you can consume to prevent these events that result in fat or liver cancer.

One of the most complex and active organs in our body, the liver has many important functions required to sustain our lives. The liver is one of the heaviest organs that weighs about 2% of body weight and carries 13% body blood and consists of two main lobes.

his most important duties to fight infections and diseases, the body of poison and alcohol to purify, to repair and renew, to filter and purify blood, digestion and things like to balance the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

liver; Alcohol, saturated fat, excessive consumption of fried foods, excess sugar and salt can be harmed by overconsumption of certain things. There are, of course, useful foods such as those that are harmful to the liver . Here are six nutrients that regulate liver function and help you get healthier.

first Garlic


Garlic, olive oil and parsley prepared by mixing with a cure that is consumed regularly prevents fatty liver. Garlic, which is a warrior for our body and makes the liver function better, can act as an anti-inflammatory when consumed by crushing . Apple


apple fiber that helps remove the toxins in the digestive system and facilitates the liver's work. The pectin fiber in the apple also helps to lower cholesterol and keep it under control.

At the same time, the apple, which is a vitamin C depot, protects the cells from external factors because of its antioxidant properties. At this point, experts say that green apple is richer in fiber, so it is more beneficial to our body

. Broccoli


New research reduces the risk of developing liver cancer revealed that broccoli, a vegetable with very rich nutritional value. Broccoli, which helps the liver to function properly is known to be a cholesterol and blood pressure lower and to eliminate coagulation problems

4. Lemon


Experts, cleaning the liver and facilitating digestion of lemon juice is very effective, he says. One of them meets one third of the daily vitamin C requirement lemon, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the anti-inflammatory function and prevents the aging of cells.

5 and is considered to be a very effective nutrient against liver breeding. Avocado


Avocado, the best choice for healthy fat intake, thanks to these healthy fats becomes a very effective food for liver fats . This food, which protects the liver, plays a key role in cleaning the body from harmful and unnecessary substances.

Excessive consumption of avocado, like everything else, can lead to unexpected consequences. Therefore, experts should not be consumed more than one avocado per day and excessive consumption can lead to liver breeding

. Coffee


According to research, the body helps to consume 2-3 cups of coffee per day, alcohol or fatty foods, such as harmful substances in the body . Coffee consumption is also to reduce the risk of developing liver cancer research, there is also


next breath. Tomorrow 11 million plants Turkey will be sown on land [19659028] Only those with no benefit to the liver, nutrients, to live a healthy life are often recommended to be consumed. At this point, you can say that to avoid liver fat you should avoid foods that contain alcohol, salt, sugar and excess fat .

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