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Tua Tagovailoa injury: Alabama QB out for the rest of the season with offset hip

Tua Tagovailoa's health was an important story ahead of Alabama's No. 5 on Saturday at Mississippi State, but his injured ankle was at least out of his or the team's concern as half approached. Tagovailoa received an offset right hip in the second quarter and was intercepted by the field halfway through the final 38-7 victory. He will miss the rest of the 2019 season but is expected to make a full recovery.

"Tua Tagovailoa received a right-sided offset that was immediately reduced at the stadium. He is undergoing further testing to determine the best treatment. He is expected to make a full recovery but will miss the rest of the season," Dr. Lyle Cain, Alabama's orthopedic surgeon, in a statement released by the team.

Athletic & # 39; s Aaron Suttles further reports that Tagovailoa also suffered a posterior wall fracture.

Tagovailoa could not put any weight on the right side of the body after falling hard on the right hip. He reportedly "screamed in pain" when he was removed from the carriage in the locker room, according to ESPN sideways reporter Molly McGrath. Coaches also treated Tagovailoa for a bloody nose that suffered when his face masks hit the turf.

"It's a hip injury and probably something that can be quite serious," coach Nick Saban said after the game. During a half-time interview, Saban noted that Tagovailoa was injured on what would be his last series of the game. "We were going to do two minutes before half with him, just to practice," Saban said.

Tagovailoa was immediately taken to a local hospital before being lifted by helicopter to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, according to Tide beat author Cecil Hurt .

Tagovailoa played well to that point and looked OK after cutting through last week's 46-41 loss to No. 1 LSU. At the time of his injury, he was 14 of 18 in 256 passing yards and two touchdowns. Alabama had a 35-7 lead with touchdowns on its first five possessions, and Saban made it clear that Tagovailoa was about to be pulled from the game.

Saban will undoubtedly have plenty of questions about the decision to play Tagovailoa – – at all and especially late in the second quarter considering the point.

Mac Jones played the rest of the way for the Crimson Tide, finishing 7-of-11 and passing 94 yards. He had a start this season earlier against Arkansas when Tagovailoa was initially inaccessible to play due to his high ankle. Jones was solid against the Razorbacks, going 18 of 22 for 235 yards passing and three touchdowns. Jones was an option to start on Saturday against the Bulldogs with Tagovailoa as a decision on the game.

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