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Trump's remarks may include "whistles," kicked FBI official McCabe telling real-time host Bill Maher

Does President Trump send out "dog flaps" to some of his followers? It was former FBI chief executive Andrew McCabe, saying he feared Friday night during a look at HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Maher had asked McCabe for remarks Trump made to Breitbart News earlier this week, especially Trump's claim that he had strong support from the nation's military, police and "cyclists."

"It's very disturbing and when it comes to," McCabe said. "I think he might overestimate how much support he has from the people and law enforcement and the military. The thing that matters most about my statements is not what he means, but what that audience actually hears."

"What audience do we talk about?" Maher asked

"So the people who are looking for the flute and the coded language," McCabe replied. "They receive the wildly inappropriate and irresponsible texts and messages and statements and it is about me how they interpret what they hear. And they see it as a kind of call to action."

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of McCabe's firing of former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In a Twitter message the following day, President Trump McCabe's oust declared "a good day for the FBI's hard-working men and women."

On Friday, McCabe defended his former FBI colleagues and their investigation into Trump's possible relations with Russia, insisting on the work was not made "based on politics". The former CEO, who turns 51

on Monday, also defended the investigation of former Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton's emails.

"What we found was clearly insufficient to base a fee request," McCabe said.

Maher also asked McCabe about allegations that Trump had ties with Russian organized crime in the 1990s and had washed money for the Russians.

"It's quite possible," McCabe replied. "I can't sit here and confirm with you tonight, but it's quite possible."


Other guests who appear on the Mahers show Friday included former Tallahassee, Fla., Mayor Andrew Gillum, a democrat who lost a bid for the governor of Florida last year. Just a few hours before his appearance on Maher's show, Gillum had been in a shopping mall in Los Angeles when someone reported an active shooter.

"We're out." We are confident, "Gillum later tweeted after the authorities determined reports from a shooter to be unfounded." This is not normal. "

Gillum's time as mayor (2014-2018) included at least one very published shot accident: in August, a armed suspect in a Tallahassee site where a video game tournament was running and started shooting at contestants, killing two of them before killing himself.

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