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Trump says accidents "happen" in crash of Diplomat & # 39; s Wife

LONDON (AP) – US President Donald Trump said he planned to get involved in the case of a US diplomat's wife who quickly left the UK after she was allegedly involved in a deadly injustice crash – but stopped to propose that he would revoke her diplomatic immunity and return her to Britain for prosecution.

Trump on Wednesday called what happened "a terrible accident" and said his administration would try to talk to the driver "and see what we can come up with." He noted that the British drive on the left side of the road, while in the US they drive on the right.

"The woman was driving on the wrong side of the road," Trump said. "And it can happen."

British police say the 42-year-old woman is a suspect in an August 27 collision between a car and a motorcycle near RAF Cughton, a British military base in England used by the US Air Force. The 1

9-year-old motorcyclist, Harry Dunn, was killed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office said the Prime Minister spoke with Trump and "urged the President to reconsider the US position so that the person involved can return to the UK, cooperate with police and allow Harry's family to do justice. "

Johnson also urged the woman to return to the United Kingdom to face investigation.

The woman's name has not been officially released.

The teenager's family met with British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and said they left angry and disappointed.

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