President Donald Trump says his administration plans to sue Nevada after state legislators passed a bill to send active voters̵

7; votes ahead of the November election in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. (Aug 3)

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For the second time as a Palm Beach County voter, President Donald Trump has requested a vote by mail before Florida’s primary election on Tuesday.

And the president who has just spent the last few weeks figuring out the vote has less than a week to cast it.

The request for herself and the first lady Melania Trump came on Wednesday, the website for the election about Palm Beach County shows.

The vote would have been picked up and not sent to his private club in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, as the deadline for sending out votes has passed.

Now it has to travel to Washington, DC, where the president and first lady can vote and then return before 6 p.m. 19 on Tuesday, when all post-in votes must be submitted.

The election mainly includes elections for Democratic and Republican Party voters for places such as the County Commission, Port of Palm Beach, state legislators and Congress. However, the vote also has legal races and the electoral seat, which is open to all voters regardless of party affiliation.

The president and first lady can mark their election for seven races, including for a congressional seat held by Liberal Democrat Lois Frankel.

In the Republican vote, Trumps was able to choose between a number of candidates, including an ardent Trump supporter and conservative provocateur Laura Loomer, who has been banned from Twitter and raised more than $ 1 million for her campaign.

Trump has blown up voting by mail – especially universal voting by e-mail, where polling stations automatically send votes to all registered voters, rather than letting the company be on the ballot to request a ballot.

In tweets, he lamented without evidence of high fraud with post-vote votes and even suggested that the election in November be delayed due to concerns about coronavirus. More voters choose to vote by mail to avoid voting in person.

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Last week, Trump declared Florida an exception and tweeted that his supporters there should request an absentee vote and vote by mail because the electoral system in the Republican-controlled battlefield state is “safe and secure, tried and true.”

Trump has opposed funding for the U.S. Postal Service, which he linked on Thursday to his reluctance to vote by mail.

“They need that money to make the post office work so it can take all those millions and millions of votes,” Trump told the Fox Business Network, adding, “If they do not get these two articles, it means you can not have universal suffrage because they are not equipped to have it. “

Florida lawmakers changed the legal wording from “absent” to “postal vote” in 2016 to alleviate confusion, as voters were not required to be at home to decide their vote.

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