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Trump-Putin meeting: Live updates from Helsinki

Mr. Trump began the meeting day by blaming the United States for its poor relationship with Russia, throwing aspirations about the federal investigation of Moscow's cyber attack at the 2016 presidential election, although he said he felt "just fine" about meeting Putin

in a couple Tweets sent on Monday before heading for breakfast at the Mantyniemi Palace, was the residence of the Finnish President, Trump twice noted the special investigation of Russia's election disorder "Rigged Witch Hunt." The investigation, and "many years of American stupidity and stupidity," he wrote, why the United States relationship with Russia has never been worse . "

He did not mention factors commonly mentioned in the West that cause friction with Moscow: Russia's annexation of the Crimea, its support for rebels in Ukraine and the Assad regime in Syria, its involvement in US elections and IT hose from other countries and nerve poisoning In England, as the British government has said, the Kremlin was behind.

The President's tweet drew praise and a "as" from the Russian Foreign M inistry .

Mr.. Trump also hit former president Barack Obama for the second consecutive day, and tweeting that his predecessor failed to intervene to stop Russia's hacking because he believed that Crooked Hillary would win the election.

The announcements suggested that Mr Trump, who has never directly condemned Putin for the election and has questioned whether he even agrees with his own intelligence community's finding that it was carried out by Moscow, has not changed his position in the wake of the accusation last week of 12 Russian agents in the attack.

Mr. Trump has said that he will ask Putin for participation during his talks but that he does not expect the Russian president to acknowledge debt and that the question is, in the first place, an obstacle to his desire to improve relations between the United States and Russia. 19659012] Later, at breakfast with Finland's President Sauli Niinisto and his wife, Trump took confidence in the summits and said, "We will only do well." – Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Trump cites trade and nuclear weapons as agendas, but not electoral

Mr.. Trump indicated, moments before he and Putin began their private meeting, the trade and reduction of their nations nuclear weapons arsenals would be high on the agenda.

But he did not mention the problem that has dogged him at home, Russian disturbances in the 2016 election. Just a few days ago, the Ministry of Justice accused 12 Russian intelligence officials for the purpose of influencing the election.

He did not mention Russia's annexation of the Crimea or claims that it had used a nerve agent on British soil.

"We will discuss everything from trade to military to nuclear weapons" and the relations of the two countries with China, Trump said, as he and Putin posed for photographs before going behind closed doors. "I think we have great opportunities as two countries, which we frankly did not agree with."

"I think the world really wants to see us agree," he said. "We are the two major nuclear weapons."

He said that the United States and Russia hold 90 percent of the world's nuclear weapons and adds: "It's a bad thing, not good."

He also commended Russia's World Cup host, which ended on Sunday.

"I would like to congratulate you on a really good world cup, one of the best ever," said Trump. "It was beautifully done, so congratulations."

He said that he and Mr Putin would first meet one-on-one and then with counselors.

After asking NATO allies, Trump says they're "thanking me"

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