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Trump meeting with potential replacements for Dan Coats

P residents of Trump are reportedly intending to postpone the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and have had informal meetings with people who could replace him.

Trump has been weighing the 76-year-old Coats for months, according to Fox News. Possible remuneration includes former chairman of the joint chiefs Joseph Dunford and Fred Fleitz, who served as security advisor to John Bolton's chief of staff.

Trump discussed the opportunity with Fleitz in February but did not officially offer him the job. It is not clear how many other people are being considered or who they are. Trump was upset with Coats after he proved critical of the president's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell last year.

During the interview, Mitchell Coats said that Trump tweeted about Putin coming to the White House. Coats looked shocked to hear the news. After a sigh and some nervous laugh, Coats said, "It's going to be special."

Mitchell also touched the controversial Helsinki meeting between the two leaders, during which Trump and Putin were alone in a room with only translators accompanying them. Coats said he would have urged the president to consider another approach.

"It is the president's privilege; if he had asked me how it should happen, I would have suggested another way. But that is not my role, it is not my job, so that is what it is," says Coats.

Coats, a former Republican Senator from Indiana who has a close relationship with Vice President Mike Pence, has served as Head of National Intelligence since March 201


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