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Trump includes support from "Twin Peaks" director David Lynch

President Trump embraced Monday on the support of a pop culture figure, this time the reclusive art hostile director David Lynch.

The director, whose works include the Twin Peaks television and the films "Blue Velvet" and "Mulholland Drive", have long cultivated the image of Hollywood's mystery, a cross-smelling transcendental mediation buff whose esoteric works may be as dissatisfied as the interviews he sometimes gives.

Because of that, he may seem like an unlikely candidate mentioned at a Trump rally in high school in South Carolina.

But Lynch gave a discursive interview to the British newspaper Guardian on Saturday – part of a media blog to mark the release of a memoir, if you could call it – where the subject of politics and Donald Trump came up in a morning like chatting with a reporter on a studio in one of the three adjacent homes Lynch owns in the Hollywood Hills.

Lynch said that Trump had the potential to be "one of the greatest presidents in history," a statement that was quickly retrieved and became a story on the right side Breitbart website.

Trump mentioned the director's name on the scene in West Columbia, SC, on Monday night after a previous retweet of history.

"This is a Hollywood guy," said Trump. "The reason I do this is, you know, you do not hear this. And many of them voted for me."

He continued to read parts of the article from a sheet of paper, including Lynch's quote about him, and Breitbart's statement that Lynch now seems to think that Trump may have been the right choice. "

For some observers, Lynch's comments may have been harder to interpret, just like everything the director claims."

"He could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has bothered the matter so much. Nobody can resist this guy intelligently, Lynch told the newspaper. "Our so-called leaders can not take the country forward, can not get anything done. Like children, they are. Trump has shown all this."

He told the guardian that he supported Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary and probably voted for the Libertarian- the ticket in the selection. And Guardian noted that "Although Trump may not do a good job himself, Lynch thinks he opens a space where other outsiders can." The magazine did not give any quote to back up the statement.

Although Trump has routinely damaged Hollywood characters who have spoken to him or his policy, he has rushed to embrace the few who have reached him with open arms. He congratulated comedian Roseanne Barr, a vocal supporter, when her show was taken back to ABC, then attacked the network after it fired her for a racist tweet. He praised the rapist Kanye West after the West made supportive remarks about him.

Lynch's remark drew condemnation and confusion.

"Someone at the next press conference must ask what the president's three favorite David Lynch movies are," New York Times author Dave Itzkoff wrote on Twitter.

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