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Trump faces criticism over protest response in Hong Kong

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The situation in Hong Kong continues to escalate, with President Donald Trump facing criticism for his response. We also have the latest on the Jeffrey Epstein story … and even some surf dogs.

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Democrats criticize Trump's response to Democratic protests in Hong Kong

pepper spray to spread protests against extradition rights at Hong Kong International Airport on August 1
3, 2019.
Thomas Peter / Reuters

The Democrats stood together Tuesday to attack the president's position on increasingly strained and violent conflicts between police and pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Protesters were met by riot equipment police who used tear gas in the main terminal at Hong Kong International Airport, which had become a base for a movement demanding the protection and expansion of the territory's historic democratic rights.

Asked by a reporter about the Chinese to show restraint to the protesters, Trump said: "We'll see what happens. But I'm sure it will work. I hope it works for everyone, including China, by the way. hope it works for everyone. "

Epstein investigation investigating if prison guards slept.

Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York, August 13, 2019. Mary Altaffer / AP [19659007] The study of how financier Jeffery Epstein could obviously take his own life in a federal prison this weekend Ask about the two guards who were assigned to watch his cell as he died.

Two officials familiar with the investigation told NBC News on Tuesday that this was an active line of inquiry and that no conclusions have been reached by the investigators so far.

It also emerged on Tuesday that the two guards had been put on leave, and that Lamine N "Diaye, the guard at the Metropolitan Correction Center, had been transferred to another facility.

Epstein's official cause of death has not yet been confirmed. [19659002] Even on the scene today, NBC News reporter Jon Schuppe writes that the Epstein case highlights how little one knows about prison suicide .

Comedian Andy Dick is taken to hospital after attack outside New Orleans club

Actor and comedian Andy Dick arrives at the premiere of "Takers" in Los Angeles, California, August 4, 2010. Gus Ruelas / Reuters file

Police investigate after grainy video released showing comedian Andy Dick as punched evil to the ground outside a club in New Orleans early Saturday morning.

Dick, 53, had performed a comedy at a venue in the city's French Quarter on Friday He was contacted by a man in dark clothes and struck in the head, apparently without provocation.

Dick was taken to a local hospital and observed for a "possible brain haemorrhage."

Utah teen was killed by falling rocks at Glacier National Park, Montana

Officials confirmed that a 14-year-old girl from Utah died after the vehicle where she was traveling was struck by falling rocks in a national park Monday.

Glacier National Park said in a statement that stones shattered the windshield and also injured her parents and two other children, but these injuries are described as minor.

The name of the girl has not been released. An air ambulance was called but could not take her to a hospital because of "her unstable condition" the park said.

The park said that a 14-year-old girl died in a rockfall that hit the vehicle she was in (Pat Cummings)

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  • Food safety experts have expressed concern that Tyson, one of the country's largest meat packers, is suing the government for reducing the number of inspectors at one of its facilities .
  • A 22-year-old man who pleaded guilty to murder of a golfer from Iowa State University has apologized for the murder.

THINK ABOUT IT [19659025] The academy must find ways to broaden the dialogue on the university campus so that students, both left and right, understand politics from more than one point of view, according to Matthew Woessner, associate professor of political science at Penn State-Harrisburg and Robert Maranto, from the University of Arkansas.


Social media itself cannot cause harm, but for teenage girls it can "disrupt activities that have a positive impact on mental health," according to a new s tudy . So the effects of apps on social media need not be negative, but girls should be encouraged to get enough sleep, get training and learn how to deal with cyber-bullying, the study says.

Today's quote

"When we first met, that feeling came to each of us, each other and we have been together ever since. We would live together and die together, it was our plan. "

– Harry Dean Reckard, whose wife Margie was among those killed in the mass advance in El Paso, Texas last week.

A funny thing

These are really dog ​​days in the summer. About 50 dogs recently competed in the World Dog Surfing Championship at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California. The competition raises money for various dog-related charities. Congratulations to Cherie, the winner of the competition's Top Dog Prize.

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